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  1. Are masks allowed on Medsurg floors?
  2. HopefulRN2U

    OhioHealth Intermediate Care Fellowship

    Thanks for replying so fast! I hope I got it I interviewed today. Only a few hours ago and I'm wondering should I send a thank you email now or in the am. I haven't been this nervous since NCLEX feeling all emotions
  3. HopefulRN2U

    OhioHealth Intermediate Care Fellowship

    Wow I had an interview and was told that everyone would be contacted by Friday. So does that mean I didn't get it? I never not been offered a job the same day. Usually it's the same day . I'm so nervous Ohio Health is a well respected health system and I want to be on the team
  4. HopefulRN2U

    LPN with no Job!!!

    I'm in Ohio and I thought it was a nursing shortage. Definitely not the case. I am going to take a drastic paycut just to get a job. I have worked LTC, and its seems that is where I will be the rest of my life. If I don't go back to school. I feel so discouraged after feeling unappreciated, constant stress and its not worth the money. Honestly I rather work for 12/hour than deal with the stress of being a LPN. Not trying to be negative, woooooo just needing to vent. I am so embarrassed that I put so much money and hard work into becoming a LPN although it was 15months it felt like 3years.

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