LPN wagegs in WV are good

  1. In a LTC facility, LPN's are starting out at $20 per hour. In KY, LPN's make nothing. So, I am moving to WV for better pay as an LPN. Then I will do the LPN to BSN online. In WV, I will be joining other LPN's that will be working at the facility, and we are all going to the online LPN to BSN together. Also, I could have went to RN (got accepted into 2 different RN programs) but I choose LPN because, I the LPN program that I will be in, are taught by wonderful experienced RN with master degrees. If I choose to, after taking the LPN class, I can merge with the RN and graduate with them. Either way it is a win win situaiton as far as graduating as a RN. I just wanted to take the opportunity of the LPN program paying for my uniforms etc.... I think that is pretty sweet. And I have been told by more than one person, that when the LPN class merges with the Rn class ( the LPN's only having 3 classes to take) the LPN are extremely well prepared, and the RN instructors and RN nursing students know this. There are a lot of RN students that fail out, but yet there are a lot of smart LPN.
    I for one have more chemistry than most 2 year RN's. I just completed my Statistics class, and for my online LPN to BSN, I have that class, and all my chemistry completed already. So, as for the LPN instructors they are really great and prepare the LPN extremely well. The college that I will be attending in KY, the 2yr RN program will soon make it mandatory for nursing to take Chemistry. That I found out from a very reliable source. I think that to graduate with a 2 yr RN, they should take chemistry. Chemistry has a lot to do with nursing. OH YEA!!!!!!:typing
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    How many facilities in the West Virginia town where you'll be working pay $20 hourly to LPNs? If it's the only facility in town offering a competitive pay rate, then there's usually a reason they must offer that kind of money. I'm asking, because both states have reputations for lower pay rates than other parts of the US.
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    I live in Southern West Virginia near the Lewisburg area...let me tell you right now, I don't know a single nurse who is making $20 an hour even with decades of experience. I'm a relatively new LPN, I've had my license approximately a year and a half, I make roughly $15 an hour and that is VERY VERY good for this area. I know they may pay a little more near the Charleston or Parkersburg area, but I seriously doubt that $20 an hour is the average...like the previous poster replied, if they are paying that much per hour there is definitely a reason and I would look into it before applying.
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    Well, in KY, LPN's do not make good money. I just went shopping yesterday for uniforms, and the clerk told me that California has completey done away with all their LPN's. And ususally, in California is where all the trends are set. It will eventually work its way east.
    My sister is an RN , and she told me that she has been hearing that LPN were going to be done away with, and here it is almost 20 years later, and LPN's are still hired in just about every medical settning there is. She said to back then there was a strong rumor that they were going to make the 2 year RN's get their BA. degrees.

    I remember that......I was a station clerk, and I remember the hospital educational nurse going around and spot checking RN on the floors to see if they could do basic college algebra, and a lot of the 2 year RN's could not work a basic algebra problem. I may be just going for my LPN, so that I can work, and financially facilitate myself throuhg RN and then med school, but at least I got A's all my math, yes that include college Algebra, I also have two years of chemistry, (four year level for my BA, and yes, I also have Statistics......I have well over the and more education than most two year RN's would ever dream of having. I think that some LPN's are smarter that RN's; 2 year RN.

    Where I am going through LPN schooling, I will merge with the RN class, my second year. I mainly chose this route because the LPN instgructors are EXCELLENT!!! And rumor has it that when the LPN students merge with the RN class to take the last 3 classes, that everybody can tell who the LPN's are becuase they know their stuff.

    ANd yes there is a facility in Morgantown that pays their LPN's $20 hr. i am going to work there when I graduate. Me, and a couple other LPN's are going to take the online BA course together. We will have BA's while all the others only have a 2 year. I know girls, who have been 2 yr RN for decades, and choose to stay as 2 year RN. But with a BA......make more money, and the BA degrees get picked first.

    Besides, I am planning on going to medical school. I only have 4 more classes to take for my BA in science, and I will take my MCAT.
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    I use to live in Moundsville,WV and LPN wages were not good. Nurses were treated very poorly. When I lived in WV there was a lot of mandatory overtime required. It got so bad that I had to quit answering my phone period.They would use cell phones and even use pay phones to call nurses so you couldn't rely on caller ID. Management would call nurses at home on their days off and tell them they had to come in or they would be "written up". I don't live in WV anymore.
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    I am not sure where the rumor started that KY LPN's don't make good money but I know that we average $17 per hour where I live in KY. I am sure that there are places that pay less and as far as I am concerned this is not enough for the work we do, but it is what it is. I made $26.80 per hour for the weekend shift that I worked in a LTC facility but I worked like a dog for every nickle and I was not learning anything in that setting. I decided to go to a hospital where I make less, learn more and can finish my RN bridge while there. There is a reason when a facility is willing to pay giant dollars or a sign on bonus. These are BIG RED FLAGS. KY has a very broad scope of practice for LPNs from what I have read here too.

    By the way, I have heard for more than 20 years that LPN's were being "phased out" and yet here we are. Rumor will not shape my career.

    I love my work...