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I know that you guys (LPN/LVN's) can now get a load of other certifications on top of your LPN license. I know that you can get your IV certifications and oxygen and what not, but what are some of the other possibilities for an... Read More

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    As an LVN I hold: 1. IV and Blood Withdrawl Certification 2. Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification 3. Mass Casualty/Decontamination Certification 4. Certification in Basic Dysrythmia. These come in handy especially being a Correctional Nurse.

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    I am an LVN in the same area you are. The IV and Blood Withdrawl Certification can be taken only after you finish LVN School; and that information will appear on your second (after renewal) nursing license.
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    At the facility where I work, you can become an LVN II. You have to take an 8-hour class and you are allowed to IV push and LVN II's only have to have their initial assessment RN cosigned, not every note and care plan documentation.

    What does the IV cert mean that is mentioned above? Does it mean that ALL facilities will allow you to IV push? Just curious, since I'm beginning LVN school in the fall.
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    Hi Everyone,

    New here and enjoying the forum. I too would like to become mass casualty certified just like you, but I can find no info on it. I went to the Red Cross website but could find nothing on certifications. How can I go about doing this?


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    In California, LVN's are not allowed at all to push any iv medications, or mess with Central Lines. After LVN School, it is optional for the LVN to take a week long class for "Interavenous Therapy and Blood Withdrawl Certification". Even though this is optional, most acute care facilities in CA will not hire an LVN without this certification. So basically, it is to become certified to start, maintain, hang IV solutions/medications and D/C peripheral IV's, by the California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians. There are also different levels of LVN's in CA, too, depending on where you work. For example, for the County of Los Angeles, Department of Health Services, an LVN II is IV Certified and works on inpatient wards, and an LVN III is trained to be a Critical Care Nurse..Hope that answers your question JaredCNA.
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    Hi Peppa,
    Mass Casualty and Decontamination is a Federally sponsored program which was offered at the hospital I worked for. I don't recall which federal agency offered it though.
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    LVN/LPN's can earn a Certified Holistic Nurse diploma in a 3 componet
    program that is accredited by the American Holistic Nurse organization. It covers Nurse Energy Healer, Nurse Master Herbalist, and Nurse Nutritional Consultant- also option to earn a certificate in any one of the three.
    This school has been around for awhile and their facility is impressive. I have been looking at this school for awhile and checked their credentials and will be enrolling soon.
    This is part of the future of nursing and any of you considering a move to California would fine this training a added benefit.

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    Does anyone know where I can become vent certified in southern california?
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    Please tell me about the Mds certtification...
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    [quote=Hospice Nurse LPN;2202514]I'm certified in hospice and palliative care. I was able to get almost 3k more because I'm certified. Not only that, it's the personal satisfaction I get for going beyond what is expected. I especially like it when one of my pts ask me when the letters behind my name mean.:roll[i'm really interested and would like to know how and where you got your certification...thank you!]

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