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I know that you guys (LPN/LVN's) can now get a load of other certifications on top of your LPN license. I know that you can get your IV certifications and oxygen and what not, but what are some of the other possibilities for an... Read More

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    In Arizona LPNs can do many other things that other states do not allow. If certified , PICC dsg changes, hanging IVs via PICC line.
    I am in the process of wound care certification , which is challenging but in the Sub Acute facility I work at once I gain that wound care certification I will be making almost as much as the RNs.
    LPNs have many options , its all what you do .

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    I'm looking into wound care certification as well
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    does anyone know what additional LVN certifications are available for Texas? It does not seem to be listed in the BON website
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    I am currently working in a detox/residential facility in Texas and I absolutely LOVE it! I am also wanting to expand my career options & further my education in this field, any suggestions for me? Any classes or certifications that i should look for. I would eventually like to go back to school and get my NP w/ spec. in addictionology, but I think that goal is not in the very near future...
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    It depends on what you are interested in specializing in. While volunteering at a Naval hospital Mother Infant Unit through the American Red Cross, I got certified in NRP(Neonatal Resuscitation Program) and S.T.A.B.L.E.