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I know that you guys (LPN/LVN's) can now get a load of other certifications on top of your LPN license. I know that you can get your IV certifications and oxygen and what not, but what are some of the other possibilities for an... Read More

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    I have ACLS and NRP and some others as I work in a critical care hosp.. But I have started a NHP program that will allow me to open my own practice or consult for an ND.
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    Brashis2008 where in texas do you work?
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    I am a LPN working in chemical dependency and can't find any place to get my CD certification. The places I have searched is for RN CD certification but not LPN. The National Consortium of Chemical Dependency quit certifing LPN due to "Low interest". Does anyone know where a LPN can get her CD certification??? Thanks for any info...
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    As I recall there was such a thing as Chemical Dependency Counselor Certification. I am not aware of anything specifically for LPN's or Rn's .
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    excellent question...i didn't know there was such a thing until i read your post!
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    Do you remember where the certification is?
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    yes, took me awhile, but here is the address: http://www.nursingunlimited.com/
    cpr classes nursing continuing education online nursing ceu cna classes acls certification aha cpr if your not sure from the title- they also teach iv certification. this seems to be a florida company, but they may have branches in other states or be able to refer you to one where you are.

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    i was certified a year after nursing school for iv therapy. back then you had to be lpn for 1 year before you could get certified for iv therapy. i would like to take the acls and pals courses. seems like i have been more on the long term care side of the fence. i would like the gerentology certification. along with wound care certification. in ltc/skilled nursing homes, you see a lot of nasty wounds that are difficult to heal. i also took the assisted living manager course. that was great, but part of my downfall.....i knew and understood the rules. but the facilities dont always see it that way. oxygen therapy would also be great since so many elderly have chronic lung diseases. and diabetes is a huge thing. seems like there is always something. and teaching the patient to understand the "new" way of thinking is not easy. they can be stuck in thier ways.
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    thanks for all the great info!!

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