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Lets get a current salary thread going for 09/10 - page 2

Sicne most salary post are outdated on here, lets get a current thread going for those that are searching Knoxville area, new grad LTC $15 3-11... Read More

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    Tampa Bay Area
    Graduated 03/09
    Started Working 05/09
    Base Rate: $17.50
    W/ Shift Diff W/E 7-3: $18.50
    W. Shift Diff W/E 3-11: 19.50

    I work weekends only 7a-7p and have a strange shift differential b/c the facility is set up for 8 hours shifts. It's also a Baylor position, so I work 24 hours but get paid for 32. When you factor in my shift diff plus baylor it comes out to $25/hr.
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    south carolina one year on my floor
    19.23 base 7p-7a
    1.00 more for permanent nights
    1.50 more an hour from 7-11p
    2.00 more an hour from 11-7a
    5.00 more an hour on weekends
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    Minneapolis, LTC
    1 1/2 yrs experience
    17.03/hr plus $1/hr evening or $2/hr overnite, extra .40 for weekend shifts
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    South central PA
    Nearly 5 years experience as an LPN
    $15/hr in an Urgent Care Center
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    $24.05/hour, 1 1/2 experience telemetry, Chicago, IL suburb
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    Kalispell MT
    1 year experience
    Emergency Room
    $3/ hr noc differential ( after 7 pm)
    Excellent Benefits
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    Saratoga Springs, NY A new LPN graduate for a hospital job starts around 13.00/hr...but few available.
    A new grad at a nursing home starts at 14.00 up to 17.00/hr depending on type of shift or whether per diem with decent benefits.
    A new grad at a Family practice starts at 15.00/hr with great benefits
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    Allentown PA SNF:

    17/hr for Graduate PN
    18/hr for 7-3 LPN
    19/hr for 3-11 LPN
    18.75 for 11-7 LPN

    All starting wages. Up to 2% increases per year. (Whoopie.)
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    Upstate (rural) NY
    New LPN (< 1 year experience)
    LTC facility
    $13.75 base
    extra $1.75 eve shift
    extra $2.40 night shift
    extra $.40 weekends
    extra $1.00 if charge nurse

    My last job in LTC was simply $12.60 base with $2 Diff. for all but day shift.
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    tyler, tx
    float nurse in a hospital
    15.25 approx.$1 shift diff. with full benefits
    1year1/2 experience
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    Newbie is that lvn or rn?
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    SF / Bay Area
    New Grad/ Staff Nurse 1

    Day Shift $46
    PM Shift $52
    Noc Shift $56

    Increase of 5% after 6 months
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    State CT
    30 years
    1st shift
    30 per hour
    work with DD