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hey everybody, I've worked as a nurse for four years in a long-term care facility/rehabilitation center. I can honestly say that being an LPN in my setting is probably the worst job anybody could... Read More

  1. by   sherrylee76
    I completely understand! As a former LTC nurse, how are we supposed to pass meds to 30+ people, do accu checks, give insulin, chart, help feed, another round of meds, treatments, more charting and God help us if someone falls! I am soon to be out of the nursing field altogether. I'm a pediatric home health nurse and these families are just as demanding as the administrative carpet walker nurses in the skilled nursing homes.
  2. by   rachel100639
    Give her a break. She's just venting and obviously, she is burnt out.
  3. by   rachel100639
    Yep, I've done it. I would never work in a traditional nursing home again. I'd rather starve on the street. In fact, one would be hard-pressed to find a bedside nursing job where you're not treated like crap. Yes, you can change careers. I have a couple other degrees now and 2 other careers so I would never have to do nursing again. Many people with kids (and even single moms with kids) change careers. At least, for now, do something else besides long term care.
  4. by   didi768
    Does anyone know if memory care facilities are better than traditional nursing homes?
  5. by   Gotoahappyplace
    I understand your frustration completely, I've worked in a similar situation on nights and I was responsible for 20-30 patients with 1 CNA. It's not fair to work under these conditions and that's why turnover is so high in transitional care/rehab settings. Staying at a job you hate can and will make you a bitter, jaded burned out nurse. Look for another job in another area of nursing. Your happiness is the most important thing.