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I had a last minute interview today and everything was going well, untill the last question. "Would I be be confident enought to handle 49 residents by myself". and my dumb response was; I am confident enough to handle 49... Read More

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    I had a job interview back when I was first starting out where I went in to interview one person, then another, then got in to talk to another, and so on. Every person I talked to asked me how I felt about conflict in the work place. I had been a CNA so I knew all about personality clashes in healthcare so I kept giving decent enough answers about how to navigate conflict situations.

    But then I started getting really frustrated, because I was thinking "why do they keep asking me this?" And I kept trying to give articulate responses, but I was getting tired -- it was a really long interview and was starting to feel like an interrogation -- and finally the last person in the chain asked me again "how comfortable do you feel with conflict" and I just blurted out "I'm not comfortable with conflict AT ALL."

    Well. I didn't get the job, but by that point I didn't want it.

    Forty nine patients per nurse is an absolutely insane ratio and you are better off not being in that facility. There's a lot to be said for knowing your own limitations and being able to advocate for your own best interests.
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    Consider yourself lucky. Any job where they would actually expect you to TRY to handle 49 residents by yourself is not one you want to have.