I am a nurse but not happy with so much stress

  1. Does anyone know any stress relief tips? I am currently an LPN and I can honestly say today was one of the most stressful days. I took care of many patients and 3 of them got real sick on my shift so I had to keep calling the doctors and it gave me so little time to document and pass all the medications on time.

    It was a mess today. I feel like I forgot to do so many things. Does nursing get better or will it always be stressful?

    Sometimes I wish I got paid much less for a less stressful job. I have learned that more money is not always the key to happiness. I guess I just wanted to vent out. Today was so stressful and I feel like the complete 12 hour shifts I was running up and down from patient to patient, passing meds, documenting, calling doctors, taking report, checking the mars, etc... The only break I got is about 20 min max for lunch and 1 restroom break (yeah when I go to the restroom I do it just to take a break off the floor).

    I just hope all of this gets better
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Being pulled in multiple directions by doctors, families, and other disciplines (physical therapy, dietary, speech, OT, social work, case management, etc.) generates a great deal of stress for me.

    My solution? I work the night shift to avoid interacting with the majority of these people. I might see a few families and a couple of doctors on nights, but the lion's share of these individuals are out of my face and catching up on their sleep while I am at work. IMHO, the roughest night shift is less stressful than the easiest day shift.

    Furthermore, my stress levels are contained when I get regular exercise, eat properly, and make every effort to forget about work when I am off the clock. Balance is the key.
  4. by   mvm2
    I am so sorry. Those kind of days are just not right. Too stressful for you and the residents don't get what they need. Too bad when things go south you can not call another nurse in emergency to help you out. When you have to be on the phone and taking care of these sick people the other nurse could get the med pass done extra. All I can do is give you a hug and say that hopefully tomarrow will be better. Also know another lpn somewhere is also probably struggling with their shift and knows what you are going through. BIG HUG. take a nice warm bath and forget this shift and know maybe your next shift will be better
  5. by   CYoungLPN
    I understand & I've worked the day shift & MY solution was to switch to the 11p-7a shift it cuts down havin to deal with alot of that mess cause everyone is sleep...just relax &DONT take ur job home with u
  6. by   NursingBro
    Thanks guys I have to worry about so many things when it gets too busy. I always feel like I forgot to do something.

    Does this happen to anyone?
  7. by   CYoungLPN
    Quote from NursingBro
    Thanks guys I have to worry about so many things when it gets too busy. I always feel like I forgot to do something.

    Does this happen to anyone?
    Yes! Omg and in fact I did forget something my unit manager asked me to do she asked me to compile a list of residents on antibiotics but I got soooo busy and before I knew it it was time to go then I realized I had forgot to get the list...it was after I had got home but...still lol she said it was ok but yea I constantly feel like I'm forgetting stuff
  8. by   tbehlow
    I'm a new LPN and started my new position on a med surg floor.. Since I'm still in orientation,my preceptor tells me , when I get that feeling of being overwhelmed , stop and take a deep breath, and know that tomorrow is another day.