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I know there are a few threads like this. They are mainly directed to RNs. While that day will come I'm preparing to be a LPN. Besides the pay dif difference is pretty big between the two. so with that being said, what did you/... Read More

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    What a wonderful topic...brings back good memories. I don't remember everything but I do recall getting a new pair of glasses, I needed them desperately...I got a pair of Juicy Couture eyeglasses. Yup. I still have them 4 years later.

    Oh. And I distinctly remember buying a real Coach purse. I had always wanted one. Don't have it anymore, however.
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    I just received my first nurses paycheck I didn't go too crazy I just bought a new 2012 Altima so of course I paid my car payment & insurance & I bought myself a pair of wayfer RayBans
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    I graduate my lpn sept of this year and I plan on saving majority of my paycheck to move out of my parents house and the rest I am treating my parents to a few gift cards for helping me out a great deal, and I want to pamper myself with a trip to the spa, nailery, hair done, etc.
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    I paid some bills and got a 2011 Camry which is practically brand new I didn't have to put any money down on
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    i got caught up on bills, then bought me a litman and some scrubs.
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    I took about $250 and went shopping, which is something I NEVER do and then I put the rest in my savings. I had to treat myself for all the hard work!
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    When I get my first job I plan on telling them I need 2 weeks to start. I then plan on going to Europe for 10 days that will be my treat. With my first check I promised myself new nursing school (The ones I wear now got me through CNA, Phlebotomy and now LVN school)
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    I havent found a job yet, but of course I want to treat my kids to something nice. Also trying to move.
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    I finish my program in Aug! Woot Woot! Luckily 4 me the hospital where i'll be starting in a few weeks as a pct still hires lpn's & the manager told me once i pass my boards she'll hire me & so my 1st check after i pay my tithes, gonna take my boyfriend & parents out 2 eat at the cheesecake factory & start payin on my loans, put sum in my savings. Checks after that going to savings so i can get me a 2012 or 2013 dodge charger, the car i have now is on its last leg we've been together 10 yrs & MAMA NEEDS A NEW BOO! Make sure i work as much overtime i can get! May even work 2 jobs! I have parents & a man i want 2 repay 4 helping me these past almost 15 months while in scholl
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    Honey you're preaching to the choir. I have a mom, brother and man who I just can't repay enough. They have been there throughout c.n.a. school and l.p.n. school. They will be there throughout r.n. school as well
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