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hi im new up here like 3 hours new i just found out i passed my board & im soo excited to start my new career as a nurse :)... Read More

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    Quote from Jean Marie46514

    that idea, and the other person Ntheboat's info, all made me chuckle! How interesting!!

    How long after you take the test, is it usually, til you can find out?
    Like 48 hours is when the results are available
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    Quote from CYoungLPN
    Like 48 hours is when the results are available

    oh wow!! OH WOW!! No months and months of waiting, and having some inner fear build up then? I know my wait was 3 months, cuz i recall being 6 or 7 mos pregnant when i sat for boards, and having to get up and pee so frequently, i was becoming suspicious to the test monitor people, leaving the room so often to go to the restroom.

    oh wow. 2 days!!?? WONDERFUL!!! (many of us used to get vaguely mental waiting for those board results to arrive...)
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    Mine took 72 hours (not counting the pearson vue trick) and that time went by sooo slowly and i did go a little mental! I absolutely cannot imagine having to wait for months and months to find out! Wow i feel for all of you who have!
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