Favoritism in nursing?

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    Hello, I work in a rehab center for the last 15 years. And have never saw favoritism this obvious!!

    This nurse who works the floor and the don are very close. This don has brought other family members and friends to fill positions! Conflict of interest?

    Apparently a position was created for this Lpn a admission position 11-7 pm mon-th no weekends without being posted. A lot of senior nurses were upset about it being they feel they have more experience being this girl has only worked there 2 years and a recent graduate as well.

    Also, this weekend are census was low and she called in at 2 am to ask to be cancelled. When the supervision stated, there were no instructions to cancel, she called the don at 2 am. In which the don called and said to cancel her. Leaving us swamped with no desk nurse.

    We are getting tired of the favoritism. we have already went to the administrator who is the acting hr at the present time about the made up position!!

    Has this ever happened to any of you and how did u go about it?

    Sincerely frustrated!!
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    Well one time an aid violated HIPAA. Our admin always ranted about how she would fire anyone who did that. But this aid only got suspended for two days.

    Everyone though this was kind of weird. A few months later her husband posted a picture to fb of the admin making out with this aid at the bar.

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    So I'm hoping that sabotaged her career! What goes on in some ppl minds. I'll never understand!

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    Favoritism is present everywhere you go...it seems to be the norm. Being the traveler I always see it since I'm the outsider and you can either call them out on their behavior and suffer the consequences or choose to ignore it and go about your business. In life and at work we pick our battles.
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    Oh yeah...favoritisim, nepotism and all isms you can think of exist in nursing. I once worked in a nursing home where the Admin was sisters with the DON, sister in law with the MDS coordinator, ADON and Admin Assitant were brother and sister to the DON's hubby, the admissions nurse was cousin or sister in law, Staffing coordinator was the daughter of the MDS, both secretaries were the daughters of one of the unit managers, who was sister to one of the other people, the business office lady was another sister of the ADON.
    It was crazy!! I mean the whole place was a family reunion. Woe unto anyone that complained about an employee to anyone. You never knew if you were talking to that employee's mom/sister/cousin/in-law.
    Of course the family got all the good shifts, never got reprimanded and got the prime vacation days off while us the other peons were left to suffer in silence.
    Of course this was in the south and even after I left that place, I realized most other places in the area were pretty similar in hiring practices so I could just hang in one place and shut up, or move to a different geographical area.
    I am not sure how there doesn't pop up a conflict of interest.

    Good luck!!
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    Yea where I work it's pretty much the same. And were such a big corporation that u would think they wouldn't allow this. To tell u something I am far from an ass kisser. We have a saying, " do our 8 and skate"! Not saying we don't do r job to the fullest but not be involved in the drama and no overtime when asked!
    It's a real shame too cause it used to be a nice place to work. Now it's all politics and bullying. I was bullied last night about ordering nystatin for everyone and don't do it again. Well it was done by the wound team with their weekly sweeps. The nerve of her. I just said in a cocky voice, it wasn't me and if u don't like it take it up with the wound staff! Wasn't in the mood to argue! This is another of the don prodigies.

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    I am the DNS and will not tolerate favoritism in my department. I don't care to whom you are related. Come to work...do your job...or go work somewhere else.
    I turned down a job once because the Administrator was the ADON's father, the head of housekeeping was their sister, the maintenance man was a cousin.....yikes.
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    It is very frustrating to deal with some of these issues. One of the best ways to deal with this is to out shine and do as you are capable of, sooner or later the adm. will change and things will be noticed.
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    In a small town I was told there are NO conflicts of interest. All my family is the best, so like it or leave.
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    Kelly, Sadly I have observed such behavior. When a person is in such good "favor" with upper management, it is almost instantly a lose/lose proposition for the patients/staff/facility. In my 10+ years at the same long term care/rehab facility - it is my experience that these things usually work themselves out and the said people tend to move on.

    In the meantime - you have to sort of accept that sometimes people can abuse their position and you should pray. Although this situation can make for a hostile working environment, staff should employ every opportunity to support each other - regardless of how the team came together.

    Nursing is not a job that any one person can do alone.

    I feel your pain.

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