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Hi I was just wondering if ever I became a LPN in California and would like to request for LPN license in NY by endorsement, is that possible? I am presently processing my application in california where I would be staying at... Read More

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    Quote from Ms.Angela

    thank you very much.

    Im sorry if I keep on asking, haha
    I am flying to NY tentatively next month.. having only my BSN degree, I am looking for experiences while waiting for my application. can I work as a volunteer even if I have my diploma? will they allow that? while volunteering, Im planning to have part time jobs also to sustain myself.

    im sorry if my questions was with a touch of my personal life. xD
    You cannot work as a volunteer nurse unless you are licensed as a nurse, there are no volunteer nursing positions in the hospitals in the US. There are some, depending on the region, opportunities for licensed nurses to volunteer in free low income clinics, STD clinics, HIV clinics, planned parenthood, etc. you can volunteer in non-nursing positions in a variety of settings such as clerical but that won't be an advantage when you apply for nursing jobs once licensed as no clinical skill is involved.

    The job market is very tight in the NY metropolitan area for inexperienced and experienced nurses alike, especially in NYC. High unemployment and underemployment right now.

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