Can I be my moms nurse in Home Care? Can I be my moms nurse in Home Care? | allnurses

Can I be my moms nurse in Home Care?

  1. 0 Hi, I am an LVN I work in Home care, my mother is legally disabled and has severe arthritis she uses a wheel chair, my mom is on medical can I be my moms nurse in a Home care setting? I live in Los Angeles CA.
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    I know that a family member can be paid to be a caregiver or home health aide in California but I would imagine it would depend on whether she would otherwise qualify for skilled nursing and who pays for her medical care. The state is really tightening up it's payment for skilled nursing hours these days.

    I believe the state contracts with agencies rather than paying licensed nurses directly for both case management and in-home skilled nursing hours.

    You can find out more here: In-Home Supportive Services and through the BVNPT.
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    Im not really sure about this but I think you should ask the home care you are in about this issue..
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    you might post this question here

    California Nursing
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    I worked as a personal care aide in Virginia for a woman who took care of two mentally disabled women in her home. One was her sister. She was paid over 5k per month each by Medicaid.