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It seems like people frown upon LPN's....always saying "Just become an RN." I thought becoming an LPN was a good career choice...other people don't seem to think so though o_O So for all the LPN's out there, do you enjoy your... Read More

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    I worked as a paramedic for 4 years but that defnitly was not for me! I went a community college to start an RN program but there was a 2 year wait-list. So I applied to an LPN program. I got and passed my boards in 12 months. I love being an LPN. Maybe I will go back to school for my BSN but if not working in LTC I make 20.75/hour and besides staff nursing I also am in charge of the CNAs and CHHAs.
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    Is being an LPN REALLY that bad?
    NOOOOO, I'm proud to be an LPN, while right now many hospitals have quit hiring us (much to their detriment I think), there are pleny of opportunities for LPN's outside of hospital work. Of course keep in mind that there is a HUGE recession going on and everyone is having a hard time finding work.
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    At this time last year, I didn't even know what an LPN was o_O I never knew there was a different route to take besides becoming an RN. Since last summer I have been going back and forth on what to go to school for. I've finally decided on applying to LPN schools. While I'd love to go for my RN degree, I have a newborn daughter to take care of, I can't depend on my mother for money for an extra four years :/ but besides all of that, I really think I'd like being an LPN, and I really want to work in LTC....even when I become an RN (because I still plan on doing that one day) I'd like to stay in LTC. Next month I'm going to take an stna (cna to most of you) course and work until the fall (spring if I don't get accepted this fall, but hopefully I do!) I'm just really excited to start my nursing journey.
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    Quote from jjic3982
    wait referral bonus? And a grand? wow what is up with that? Is your facility in need of many LPNs? Where do you live, if you don't mind me asking?
    I sent you a PM.
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    I have been an LPN for over 6 years and have worked anything from LTC, long-term, med-surg, Alzheimers, Skilled Nursing facilities, and hospice. I applied for the RN program at the same time and missed the gpa pool by .2 points. So, when I was accepted into the LPN program, i took it. I have considered going back many times for my RN, but I may just skip it all together, if I can, and go for my PA. Some new RN's do come in with a big head, so to speak, but all nurses need to realize that you can be book smart after years of school, but it takes years of experience to develop common sense and be able to apply it.
    I also recently moved to the Houston area and have had the hardest time finding a job. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here? I have actually been hired by Healthsouth and have YET to begin working. It has been almost a month out of work and it is catching up to me and so are the bills. I have signed up with a staffing agency, but their shifts are few and far between. Help me out if you have any advice. Thanks!!
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    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being an LPN as a career or stepping stone to RN. I personally have zero desire to be an RN; more headache than what it's worth to me. I have had a very fulfilling career as an LPN so far; I've been in home health/private duty/hospice nursing since I got my license and am content where I am. To each his own, I guess.
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    I have heard that Houston has started to have more lvn's moving in. Back then Texas was the place to find jobs as LVN's, but as the years went by, lvn's started to move to Texas (especially California).
    I checked to see if this was true, and it seems like most lvn jobs there needs 1 year experience now.

    But keep on looking, I'm sure it's not as bad as California! (We have too many lvn schools here)
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    cplpn25, do you work in LTC?
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    I absolutely think I made the right choice for me. It's not what other people think, it's what you want out of a career that counts. For me, I made the choice because of my age (older) and the fact that there was a 2-yr waiting list to get into RN school. If I had been 10 years younger I might have considered it but in hindsight, I think LPN is a great career in and of itself and certainly doesn't have to be a stepping stone if it's where you want to be. I am doing a lot of the same things an RN would do, with many similar responsibilities in the position of charge nurse. There are still things we can't legally do but I am nosy enough to ask any RN to show me how to do something that interests me, even if I don't get the opportunity to physically do it myself. I work hard and I have fun on the job and the pay is adequate. It's a different career choice from RN but nothing I feel the need to apologize for or make excuses for. Go for it!
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    OMG..i was going to post something like this i wil just post here...

    I have been a LPN going on 3 yrs now,I like(not love) my job,i only choose to work PT,but can get 40 plus if i wanted. the pay is good and benefits are even better....the problem is,that most of the time i dont feel like a nurse...i work in a house with 12 mentally/physically/medically frail individuals....there is ALOT of lifting and heavy work...i use hoyers as much as possible...I HURT!!...i dont think i could ever work fulltime there as my body couldnt take it....i am not old,but i am no spring chicken either...48 to be exact...i can work circles around some of these youngsters...thats another story...we do it all....even their laundry...the staff consist of mostly LPNs,a couple of direct care...but we all do the same thing...except the direct care doesnt give shots or do the gtube meds,or wound care when we have that...but they do pass PO meds...some...

    i did my pre regs a year ago and now i am working on A& Ps...i wanted to go back to school for RN but now i dont know....i have no life...i am ALWAYS studyin...i feel like i am always tense...and this is only from ONE class! whats it going to be like when i am in the program...

    recently my daughter expressed an interest in going back to college...she has a 20 mo old,she wrks 4 days a week now as a cook in a dinner,she does like it..but she is lookin toward her familys future....she lives right up the road and she will need childcare while she is in school and her husband is this point in time,I would much rather take a break and support her going...i already have an AAS in earlychildhood from my college days and now the LPN license.....its my childrens turn..

    sorry if i rambled,just trying to sort things out....
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