Our Lady of the Lake College Accelerated BSN Spring 2014

  1. Hello to All Potential or Current OLOL Students

    Have you applied to OLOL for the Spring 2014 semester? If so, which program? Have you been accepted, yet? Are you from the Baton Rouge area? What are you plans for housing if you're not from the area?

    If you are already attending OLOL, are all of the clinicals done at OLOL medical center?
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  3. by   RNAspirations
    I have applied for the ABSN program Spring 2014, and no I haven't heard anything back. Have you? I am not from BR and will need to look into housing if I am accepted. Hopefully I can find a decent student apartment ad some roommates. That will be a really expensive 18 months for me, I'll probably need a loan.
  4. by   cadyssa

    I called maybe a week or so ago and spoke to someone within the nursing department about the acceptance letters. The committee had still not had met up at the time when I placed the call. I was told that they should meet mid September and the letters should go out sometime in October. I really hope I get accepted. I started looking at housing options in the area because I am not from there either.
  5. by   nurseinthefuture4
    Hey you guys! Almost finished with pre-reqs or are they completed already? This is my first semester at OLOL & I'm hoping everything goes according to planned!
  6. by   RNAspirations
    @sheika826, I am in the process of completing the last of my pre-reqs, A&P II and lab. How are you doing so far at OLOL, how does the program feel? Are you in the accelerated program?
  7. by   nurseinthefuture4
    @RNAspirations I'm not in the program...I applied for the Spring14 as well. Just waiting to hear from the school now. I'm also finishing up my last pre-reqs. After this semester I will have nothing left to complete but nursing classes
  8. by   RNAspirations
    Just wanted to announce that I got my letter today. I got in! Now I have a whole new list of problems to worry about. Like where I'm gonna live and how I'm gonna pay for it :-/
  9. by   nurseinthefuture4
    I got my letter today as well im in for the Spring...goodluck with everything :-)
  10. by   Jaguars2004
    @cadyssa have you heard anything?
  11. by   cadyssa
    @Jaguars2004 .. no luck.. I will not be attending OLOL. I didn't get accepted.
  12. by   futureRN89
    @sheika826 Hey i've been looking at this forum since i received my letter from olol college for there absn i was place on the alternate list which is heartbreaking...do you know if they pull ppl off the list for the absn program???
  13. by   emccarinbr
    @futureRN98 Hi, I was accepted into the ABSN for Spring of 2014. From a few other boards, it seems that a good amount of people are pulled off the alternate list for the program. There was a period of time where accepted students had to reply to the school on whether or not they will be attending the program. That was in early October. At that time would have been when they contacted students on the alternate list if some people decided they didn't/couldn't attend OLOL. I'm not sure what they do, though, if someone has to drop out of the program at the last minute. There still may be a chance that you could be contacted. Right now, people are applying for the LSBN. You have to pass a background check to continue on into the college. You might could call them to see what number you are on the alternate list and to see if there is a chance you might be accepted.
  14. by   futureRN89
    @emccarinbr CONGRATS!!!! As for me, i tired to call to see what number i am just to have an idea if i should move on or just continue to wait but that was a dead end and i didnt get anywhere they wont tell you a thing.....sadly. So i guess it'll be a waiting game all the way to the end. Have you gotten info on when the orientation will be for the accepted students??