Nursing license and state residency

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    Howdy Yall,
    I am posting this on behalf of my fiance so please bear with me. She just graduated from nursing school in TX but has recently moved with me to Louisiana. She is still a TX resident for all intensive purposes (will start the process of obtaining LA residency soon) and is in the process of taking the NCLEX in TX. She is at the point of just waiting for authorization to test from Pearson.
    In the mean time, she has interviewed with several places here in LA for jobs and has already been turned down by 1 because they need someone who can start working now and not have to wait for a license. As I understand, at least in TX, she would be eligible to start working now under a temporary license as long as she's registered to test. That is not the case across state lines.
    Does anyone have any information on the best way to go about ultimately getting her LA license in the mean time? She found her dream job but we're both worried sick that they will tell her no due to not being a LA nurse yet and still waiting on TX.

    Thanks yall!

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    She needs to follow the LA BON policies on licensure. I would also try calling them. In my state you can go to the office & get a temporary license. If licensed in certain states, you can practice in participating states using your original license. The best thing to do is follow the BON guidelines.
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    I appreciate the response. The problem is essentially no one will talk to her since she's not a resident. I guess they hear non-resident and automatically assume their policies don't apply.
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    Then call TX BON. In CA BON website these questions are addressed online, as calling can be a very long wait at times.
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    OK. We have TX and LA (Louisiana, not Los Angeles).

    First, she should check with the LA BON regarding what defines residency. The general rule of thumb is that if you've lived in the state for more than 30 days, she has to have a nursing license for that state. However, each state may differ, so the LA BON is really the best source for the answer.

    Second, she need not be a resident of LA to get a LA license. If she has a valid TX license, she can apply for licensure by endorsement in LA. Again, check with the LA BON for the specifics, but the general rule of thumb is that you need not live in the state in order to get a nursing license for it.

    As far as practicing temporarily under another state's license....again, ask the LA BON. LA is NOT a compact state, so her TX compact license (which will no longer be a compact license but a TX-only license once she's considered a LA resident) will not automatically apply. Again, general rule of thumb is 30 days.

    Hope this helps. Best of luck.
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    You do not have to be a resident of a state to be licensed there, as numerous traveler nurses can attest to.

    She can either get licensed in Texas and then apply to Louisiana after she pays Boards andfulfills LA requirements. Or she can apply directly and take Boards in LA.
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    Why do you think she is a TX resident "for all intents and purposes" -- what intent, what purpose? Why doesn't she just take NCLEX in Louisiana? Is there some reason she needs a TX license? There's no requirement to take NCLEX in the state where you went to school, you know. She lives in LA, and that's good enough. She should call the LA board of nursing and get set up to take NCLEX there. They'll just want the transcript from her school.
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    It's simply from a legal/financial standpoint I guess. Neither state knows she now lives in LA just yet. Her DL is TX, her Paramedic is TX, her car insurance is TX, her vehicle registration is TX, etc. We're in the process of changing her over.

    Everyone here is absolutely right, I was just hoping maybe there was a way of getting a temporary license to practice in Louisiana while she's waiting for everything to be processed. The only reason she hasn't cancelled the NCLEX with TX and registered to take it in LA is because she's had the paperwork in with TX to do that for over a month now. We're afraid starting over for the LA test would erase all that and reset the waiting time. Since time is of the essence we didn't want to go that route. Yall are right though.

    With a pending job offer she's just going to have to explain to them her situation and see what they want to do about it.
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    Well, then she has a choice:

    She can stick with Texas, get the TX license, then endorse into LA. She'll have two nursing licenses. She'll also have to pay two BONs for the privlege. Since you are concerned about the waiting, will doing this save time? Honestly...not really. She can't apply for LA endorsement until she has the TX license number, and even then, endorsement process can take weeks to months (though if LA issues temporary licenses, that would be faster...but she'd still need the TX license to get it though),

    Or she can just apply for NCLEX straight into LA. How long will that take? I don't know as I'm not in LA and I don't know what their average wait time for an ATT is. Smaller state, simpler process (no extra step of endorsement) so it could be a lot faster. Or it could not because I have no idea how efficiently the LA BON runs. Who knows? She could call the LA BON and ask for an estimate on how long it'd take to get the ATT.

    So you're taking a chance either way.

    IMO, if she has no intention of ever practicing in TX, I also vote for going straight for the LA license. But if her seeking TX work is a valid possiblity (e.g., you plan to live on/near the state line), then stick with the current plan of TX first, LA endorsement later.
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    Also, I can't speak for LA or TX's BON so you should verify this with them...but in many states, the BON determines residency by where her primary residence is. If she's living primarily in LA, it doesn't matter if her DL, paramedic, car loan, etc. is still attached to TX--as far as the LA and TX BONs are concerned, she's living in LA and so is going to need a LA license to work there.

    Last, most BONs require that name/address changes be submitted to the BON within 30 days.
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