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    Male Nurses on the Rise and They Make More Money

    If there is a gender gap, someone tell me where to go. My wife and I, both RNs, started our careers at a Tyler, TX hospital both making the same new grad rate. Now, working in an SICU in northwest Arkansas, I continute to make the same base pay as my female colleagues in the ICU. So, if there are pay differences, I have seen no evidence of this where I've worked. Here are some things I've noticed personally that a few people have also mentioned already I feel might skew the results of a study. I've noticed that my male colleagues tend to: - work in higher pay/higher stress areas like ER, ICU, and OR compared to med/surg units where I often find I'm the only male - more often float to other units when asked to (which has a pay differential at my facility) - more likely to pick up extra shifts. - less frequent call-ins compared to our women who I've noticed call in more due to sick kids or other child-care related events. - more frequently talk of "moving up", wanting to advance their career, etc. compared to my female colleagues who more often talk of wanting to work less so as to have more time with their kids and such. I'm sure there is a chance that some of these are regional. Here in the south, traditional family structures and values are big and my female friends at work tend to prioritize family over career. I'm also not trying to claim there is no unfairness anywhere, I am only claiming that it isn't EVERYwhere. I feel that these studies often are detrimental to the very purpose they are trying to serve. While they attempt to promote equality, they look for issues where they don't exist and make people paranoid that they are being discriminated against. There unfortunately is discrimination out there in many forms, but in this case, I don't feel it can be generalized across the board. Edit: Let me add that I don't dispute that gender gaps exist. Especially in fields like business. However, I think there are many factors involved besides blatant discrimination.

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