North Oaks Hospital in Hammond LA.

  1. Hey ....Does anyone work at North Oaks in Hammond, LA.? I might be hired there in the next couple of weeks and just wanted to get a feel for how they treat their staff. I am really excited when I interviewed there, but really know nothing about the facility. I have been hearing everything from heavy patient loads to not having any techs to help out. I hope this isnt the case because I really want to work there. Any information is always appreciated....Thanks.
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  4. by   Sunshine0425
    I work there...and love it. I don't have nursing experience at any other hospital, but have really enjoyed working at NO. Do you mind sharing what floor you will be working on??? Some floors are better than others. Pay is good, better than Baton Rouge, comparable to New Orleans. If you have specific questions, please feel free to PM me. Good Luck!
  5. by   crawlyberry
    Hey Sunshine...Sorry it took so long to get back. Can you tell me about the FAN dept and also the surgery dept? There are a few of us that have applied and looking so forward to working there. I have run into so many people that work there or did, and they have wonderful things to say about the hospital and the environment. I hope I hear something soon. Thanks for any info.
  6. by   wanda06
    Hi, I am interviewing next week, can you say which floors are better than the others to work on???????
  7. by   accelnurse
    I work on the Telemetry unit at North Oaks. In the past, we have had our share of staffing issues. It was mostly not enough CNAs to help the nurses, which caused nurses to quit. This has been resolved for now. North Oaks took the initiative to start a CNA school. Nurses now have help on the floor, so it is much better. This happened after several meetings between the Telemetry nurses and the DON.

    On Telemetry, nurses take up to 6 patients. The good thing is that the charge nurse usually does all the admit paperwork for new patients. It really helps. My advice would be to apply to the Telemetry North unit.

    North Oaks might have a few problems, but not any different than other hospitals. Overall, it's a great place to work. I highly recommend it. I have no desire to work at any other place.
  8. by   crawlyberry
    What do you think about the surgery unit?
  9. by   accelnurse
    I've heard mostly good things about the surgery unit. I've heard it is a good place to learn for new nurses. From what I understand, the staff gets along well and works well together. I've also heard they have great CNAs.

    The only negative things I've heard is that the census on that unit drops sometimes, so nurses are often pulled to another unit to work or called off completely. I've also heard people comment that this unit involves constant pushing of pain medications. Other than that, it's overall a good unit in my opinion.
  10. by   hack_ley
    i work on the surgery unit at the oaks. i personally think its a great unit to work on. its work of course..always at least 5 pts but RARELY over 6. i've only had 7 pts maybe 3 times. but when you do get the increase workload our charges usually set u up with an easier group. and the aids and techs are GRRREAT. and pain meds are definately the most common things to push. but we get to see some of all the pts from icu to medicine to tele and even hdc pts. but i work night and i can personally say things are a lot different between nights and days. of course im partial to the night crew because i work with them but i dont really see working any where else in the near future. u planning on days, nights, WOW, etc?
  11. by   landryfam
    Does anyone know the pay diffs North Oaks gives per floor? (I know ER and ICU receive additional diffs)
    I am applying now and curious what floors give additional diffs and how much,
  12. by   dreamBIG
    What's the difference between telemetry north and telemetry south? Also, are the benefits worth the pay difference between benefitted and non-benefitted employees?
  13. by   REDBONE08
    Do you know how long the CNA program is and how much they start you on?
  14. by   dreamBIG
    I interviewed at the employment center on Tuesday for a position on Telemtry south. I have not gotten a call yet. Would it be pushy to call or email the interviewer? I really want the job, but I don't want to wait around if I have no chance. Any thoughts?