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    I'm currently in my second semester at bpcc. Still getting my basics, but I'm trying figure out where I want finish. I've heard bpcc program is great and would love to finish but I've heard so many apply and not enough spots. I know nsu Shreveport more credits with them better chances but school cost more and with 5 kids I need keep cost down. I've also been told good things about panola college in Carthage, tx I don't mind the drive. Any input would be nice. Also, is it true certain hospitals hire according to where you attend school?

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    Have you considered Grambling or Tech?
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    No, I did not know Tech had a nursing program.
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    I am starting third level at Panola and I went to bpcc for my Pre req classes and transferred. I did not want to go to clinicals in la because the entrance exams are harder than in Texas. I applied to Panola and Kilgore but chose Panola and I love it there! I graduate this December yay. You should look into it! The Texas curriculum is a little different but I started out knowing I was applying in Texas.
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    Yes but Tech has a 2 year RN program. I've heard that it's VERY hard to get into the professional component of the program considering that only take around 30 people, require recommendation letters & you also have to score pretty well on their pre admissions test. They require more than Grambling & Grambling offers a BSN
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    I just graduated from Southern at Shreveport. Their nursing school is downtown on Texas street.

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