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Hey Everyone, I just finished this program in May 2006. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED. I have 3 kids and I did it, passed boards, and I am a working RN now. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask me... Read More

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    What is the minimum overall GPA and pre-req GPA to get into the OLOL Accelerated ASN program? Has anyone ever been accepted with a lower than their minimum GPA requirements?

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    I don't know if you found an online class yet, but I just finished a religion class from University of Phoenix online (REL 134 I think). It was over in 5 weeks. Lots of presentations and busy work crammed into that 5 weeks though. I did get a class substitution form filled out before sending in my application though. Then after I applied they still had that I was not currently in progress with the theology class so I had to fax the substitution form I had signed. The class was pricey for an online class I thought (I think about $2000).
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    $2000 for one class? wow

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