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    Quote from dpete18
    I just asked to join! Maybe change the name of the group to LSU SON BSN Class of 2016?
    okay i changed it to LSU SON class of 2016

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    Quote from emilynicole
    hey everyone i made a facebook page because i couldnt find one already done. i think itl be a great way to communicate and form study groups and stuff. it is LSU School of Nursing 2013
    i changes it to LSU SON class of 2016
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    Has anyone got an email yet for the computer ID number? I emailed them but never received anything back. Also they haven't cashed my check yet for my acceptance fee...
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    I emailed them this morning and they responded a few hours later with my info.
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    Quote from hmarie09
    I emailed them this morning and they responded a few hours later with my info.
    I got mine today.
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    Congrats to everyone who got in. But beware, this really is no walk in the park. The program is seriously intense - no joke. Esp Soph II semester.

    Better buckle up.
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    congrats to all of you who got in! those of you who didn't, keep trying! For those of you starting in the fall, these next 3 years will not be a walk in the park. Like workstudysleep said, soph 2 is pretty tough... senior 1 is even worse. you can do it though!!!

    Get all of your partying out this summer! If you are 100% committed to doing well, you can!

    Also, I would suggest changing y'alls facebook group name to something that does not have LSU or School of nursing in it. Teachers like to check facebook

    Good luck to you all!!!!
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    I know this is a really vague question, but what did you do differently from others that you thought helped you succeed? I know there are plenty 'weed out' classes and some very difficult classes, but what techniques, habits, etc (even class specific) helped you get through? Obviously study, and be in a position to put school first, but how much time did/do you spend studying? Any techniques or school resources that really helped? Thanks!
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    Well I just got my grades back for this semester and I made a C in a psychology class that is not a pre-requisite or anything. I have already been accepted, and my grades barely affected my overall GPA, and they did not affect my pre-requisite GPA at all, I should be ok right? They won't like revoke my acceptance for making a C in a non pre-requisite class right? I know this is dumb i'm just paranoid.
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    You should be completely fine. I think you would only run into a problem if you failed a pre-req.

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