LSU School of Nursing SPRING 2014 :-)

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    Hey guys...I started the LSU Fall 2013 Thread and got wait listed ... haven't heard anything back from them except that all their spots are full. So I'm getting ready to apply for their spring semester. For the rest of the folks who got wait listed with me let's get to making things happen for spring! I welcome any advice or pointers. I also went through the whole interview process, if anyone has anything to share or any questions please don't hesitate to post.


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    I am filling out my application right now. How was the interview process? What kind of questions did they ask?
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    Hello Chin05!

    I will be applying for Fall 2014, this winter. As someone who has gone through the application process, do you know if Spring or Fall entry has more applications? I'm an out of state student, and I wish to apply when I have the best likelyhood of being accepted.

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    Fall semester has more applicants. The questions are finding out your basic information and you then have to write a paragraph on why you have chosen nursing for your career, goals etc. go to and view the application
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    The interview process wasn't that bad surprisingly. Know the schools core values etc. just so you don't seem like you're spitting in the wind. Over all I think if you are passionate enough and you know why you want to be a nurse as the interview goes on you become more comfortable and confident in your answers.
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    @hellonewyear I honestly don't know which class has more applicants. For this Fall 2013 application process I was wait listed. I eventually got a letter saying that all their spots were full (I guess no one declined acceptance). Just be persistent. I personally am using the wait list thing as a lesson and motivation. What are the things can I change on my application - for instance my HESI score was miserable the 1st time I took it I believe it was a 79 or something. I retook it and got a 88. So just trying to change the things I can control and using that to my advantage. I know this didn't answer your question directly but hope it helps. Good luck!
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    Does anyone know where I can find previous class statistics? Like how many applied vs how many were accepted and avg gpa and HESI scores?
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    @lguid you can search previous threads and everyone kinda throws their numbers out there - HESI scores, Pre req gpa, overall gpa etc. The amount they accept change every year but I do know that the amount of applicants they have far exceed the number of spots available. For accurate numbers I recommend going to one of the information sessions. I did before applying. It was very informative. You can search the LSU website for any upcoming sessions. Hope that helps!
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    I am applying this summer for spring 2014. My HESI score was a 78. Yes miserable. Do you think I still have a shot with a 3.8 gpa? What is your gpa? I am sick to my stomach just thinking about my score.
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    Trying to finish up my written statement but having trouble. Anyone have any tips?

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