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Is anyone applying to the LSU Traditional BSN program for Spring 2013? I haven't applied yet but plan on doing so. I'm really nervous, I have gone to a couple different schools so I think that my cumalitive GPA is around 3.13 but... Read More

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    They probably sent out yes letters first and holding out on the rest. It's not like they are going to be honest and tell us yeah we're done sending out acceptance letters. Just my opinion though...

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    No they haven't mail out all the acceptance yet... my friend applied last semester she didn't get a yes till two weeks after they started mailing. I mean really think about it.. It's not possible that 100 acceptance will go out the same time. They're prolly still in process of it plus it depends on your postal office nearby organizing hundreds of letters a day. Don't give up on hope!
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    I didn't get a letter yet today... Again! It's Dec 3rd... If we have to let them know we want our spot by Dec 7th it seems like they would have sent them all by now. :/
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    When I spoke to my adviser she said that they send out acceptance a little before the others so that way if some people decided not to take their spot they can offer it to someone else. I had my interview on October 20th and got my letter the 27th of November. Good luck to everyone still waiting!!
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    Oh but she also told me not to expect anything until the first week of December.... So you never know!
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    Just to let you know, y'all still have hope!!! I got my letter today! Hoping all of you get relieved from the worry soon!!
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    Still no Letter today
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    Girl im PRAYING for you!!!!!!!
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    The acceptance fee has to be in within 10 days of the letter being mailed. For this first round it was dec 7th. If they mail the letter later, I'm sure the reply will still be expected 10 days from that mailing date. Also, if you haven't fulfilled the requirements of the medical forms, you may want to work on that even if you haven't gotten a letter yet. That paperwork is due dec 20th.
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    First of all, congratulations to those of you who will be joining LSU next month - it is a FANTASTIC program, despite a few little administrative hiccups. I'm sure you're getting anxious about your admissions letters - we were crawling the walls too in March! I just finished my first semester and had a great experience with the courses and the instructors. Don't let yourselves get psyched out about anatomy or physiology - just stay on top of your work from the beginning and find every opportunity to test yourself. The Board Review Series - Physiology book by Constanza really helped a lot of us get through phys - it condenses the course material nicely and offers great quiz questions with detailed explanations of the answers.

    Second - if anyone wants to buy the Sophomore I anatomy books, please PM me. I am selling my Atlas of Anatomy, the Marieb book, the flashcards plus two unused coloring study guides for $100 - WAY cheaper than all of them new. The books are in like new condition - the marieb has highlighting in one chapter and the Atlas is unmarked except for my name.

    Good luck y'all! You'll do great!

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