LSU BSN program Spring 2013 - page 28

Is anyone applying to the LSU Traditional BSN program for Spring 2013? I haven't applied yet but plan on doing so. I'm really nervous, I have gone to a couple different schools so I think that my... Read More

  1. by   EmilyKR
    I'm on the alternate list... My guess is that if you still have not received a letter, you're in the same boat.
  2. by   jt112
    @EmilyKR how did you find out that you're on the alt list? through mail?
  3. by   EmilyKR
    @jt112 Yes... I got a letter saying that an alternate list has been created and I'm on that list. They will notify me if a spot becomes available.
  4. by   cfiest01
    @EmilyKR: when did u get that letter. I haven't gotten an acceptance, denial, or waitlist letter in the mail. nothing!... =(
  5. by   EmilyKR
    It was dated Dec. 12th.. I got it yesterday.
  6. by   purpledaisy
    for everyone who got in, did you turn in all the health paperwork already? i was wondering if there was a deadline to turn it in. i got the only appointment i could and they're going to read the tb test today. so it's the soonest i could do it but i am worried.
  7. by   Thuyti3n
    Well you guys do know they don't mail out all acceptance first... It's random.. Some got acceptances some got denials and wait listed letters.. They told me they just mailed the rest out yesterday so Im hoping I get mines soon.
  8. by   kadams1025
    I just turned in my paperwork today. I got lucky and I was able to get an appointment the day after I got my letter. It took me 2 weeks to get everything done but my doctor isnt the brightest so you should be fine my letter said I had to turn them in by the 20th.
  9. by   purpledaisy
    thanks! that seems like a long time. all they asked from me is a tb test and varicella titer. did you only turn in just the health stuff or all the paperwork? like including the parking and that kind of thing? because i don't have all of that together. i don't understand the parking thing. it says you have the choice between a pass, and parking lot lol. sorry for all the questions, i don't know anyone in the nursing program.
  10. by   EmilyKR
    I already got in off of the alternate list.. If you get that same letter, respond immediately!
  11. by   cfiest01
    I hate how they are telling people different information. One person is saying they sent the last of the letters out on friday and today someone else said they said they sent some out yesterday. This is ridiculous. I am so frustrated
  12. by   EmilyKR
    @purpledaisy The parking gate card is something you have to have to get into the parking lot. You pay a deposit for that and then you have to pay to park annually.
  13. by   purpledaisy
    so i need both of them. that's why i was confused. it said they both had a fee that is charged annually so i thought i would need one or the other.