LPN salary in New Orleans/Northshore area

  1. What is average pay for an LPN working in a hospital in the New Orleans/Northshore area? Do LPNs get shift diffs like RNs do, and if so how much extra is it for nights and weekends? I'm trying to decided if it would be beneficial to me (monetarily, I know the extra experience would be good) to complete an LPN program and work while I'm obtaining my ADN/BSN. Thanks
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  3. by   yellowbelle
    I don't know about in a hospital but I graduated in December got my license in February got a job two days later and was offered 18.50 3-11 shifts and 21 on the weekend... but hospital out here pay about 13 14..
  4. by   cmgLPN09
    I worked nights at a hospital when I first graduated and was averaging 21/shift with night/weekend diff. you do get paid ALOT lower as a staff LPN than an RN in a hospital if you are a new grad or have less than 3 yrs experience. You do get diff, but that also is a little lower than the RN diff. My brother is an RN working nights in a hospital and the pay is higher. If you decide to work in a LTAC then you can make more an hour. My friend works as a prn LPN at tulanes clinic and makes 18.50/hour. As a FT staff LPN there you only make 16.50/hr. Only thing is she said you lose lots of skills bc she mainly does paperwork and occasionally gives injections. Long story short, I choose to work at the hospital first with the low base pay they offered as a new grad to earn my year experience (which I am so grateful for) however I worked nights to make the extra pay. I am now completing my RN with excelsior to further my career as a nurse and make more money earned while working hard in the profession I admire.
  5. by   RN2B12
    Thanks for the response. I am starting the LPN program at Nunez in the spring; it's a year long. Salary matters, but experience matters more, KWIM? I think I want to work at Ocshner b/c it seems like their LPNs get to do the more patient care than the other hospitals. I live near St. Tammany hospital and I would love to work there, but I've heard that their LPNs do clerical work. I plan to enter Excelsior's program as soon as I'm able to do so, and I'll need the hands on experience. Thanks
  6. by   FocusRN
    Oschner's LPNs are responsible for ALL CNA duties (they got rid of all their CNAs), plus their nursing duties, and they only pay $13/hr.
  7. by   NOLAdLPN
    Ochsner will work you to the bone with barely any pay. They start their LPN's at 13/hr plus diffs which is usually 2-4 more/hr nights/weekends. Tulane did pay pretty good but they just laid off a bunch of people, rumor is Ochsner is buying them. It's really not good that Ochsner keeps taking over everything because it gives nurses less options for type of work and pay, they are controlling the market right now, they are everywhere so what they say goes. Home Health pays pretty good if you have at least 1 year experience you can start anywhere from 19-25 an hour. Of course the best advise always is get your RN so you can do the same thing with way more pay.
  8. by   Robomy
    North Oaks LPN benefit start at like 13.10 an hour and non-benefit 16.10