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    Hey can anyone post some LPN pay rates? curious to know so i can request salary on my resume. Also, did anyone get hired at a hospital as a new LPN grad? thanks

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    I am a new LPN grad in the process of endorsing my license to Louisiana. I have had one interview, with a clinic at Ochsner, the pay rate was $12-13!
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    I also did an interview with ochsner and was hired. The pay rate is that at the hospital but if you work nights the diff is added and brings that base pay up. So I chose to do 12 hr nights. I'm excited to be able to work on a hospital unit and begin my nursing journey. Will keep posted to how it goes. My friend though makes 18/ hr at a doctors office very lucky but she also friends of the family
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    Anyone else got anymore info on starting pay for LPNs in B.r and N.o? 12-13 seems SO low.
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    In BR 12-13 is what you'll expect in the hospital. For nursing homes some start off 15-16. I make 19/hr as PRN in nursing homes.
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    I make $21/hr base in hospice. If you want to do hospice, you'll need at least 2 yrs. experience with med/surg.
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    wow 12-13 is low! anyone in dialysis?
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    I have been an LPN for 17 years and from my experience you will make alot more in LTC (nursing home), if you like that type of thing, in our area I believe the 'hosp' nurses make $2-3/hour LESS than at the nursing home. (oklahoma)

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