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i will be attending Louisiana technical college in Jan 2005. i would like to talk to someone who has graduated or is currently enrolled in this LPN program.I will be attending at the Natchitoches campus. Thanks for any and all... Read More

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    Believe it or not Lynn I have been to where you live.I visited a small pentecostal church with some friends.That was a neat place.So much water.I also grew up in Franklin.So I know where you are going to work.I love Franklin.I sometimes long for the bayou and the stately oaks.Now I live in fields and fields of rice...sigh....oh well you can't have it all.

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    U guys have me laughing, about bayous and accents. I live in Breux Bridge, we are surrounded by bayous,:0. Every time i go some where they ar elike wow u have a heavy accent
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    I guess you do if you are a native of Breaux Bridge.Hey most people cannot even pronounce Breaux.Good to meet you.
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    Hey, but don't forget your sisters here in Northwest Louisiana. My accent may be more redneck than cajun, but I am proud to be from the Bayou state! I graduated from an LTC program back when it was "vocational-technical institute". I attended the Minden campus, which used to be known for its NCLEX pass rates, but I don't know about the last few years. Anyway, I am always excited to share info and offer encouragement to those of you pursuing or extending your nursing education. I live in Keatchie and work in Shreveport. I love to travel our great state and have visited all of your hometowns at somepoint. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!! :chuckle
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    Hey I know where Shreveport is.Not all that far away.
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    So, what kind of nursing specialty are all of you interested in practicing? I worked in nursing homes for my 12 years as an LPN. I learned alot about assessment and documentation during those years. Nursing homes get such a bad rap for LPNs, because of the patient loads and amount of meds to be given. It definitely is not for everyone! I have loved every minute of working in a hospital. I was intimidated in the beginning, but I was welcomed into the fold, so to speak.
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    Hi I do mostly home health and private duty of critical care peds.I love both the elderly and children.Its very rewarding but can sometimes get hectic.

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