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    what is the average length of orientation for a new grad on med-surg floor?

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    Hi! I am a new grad and had a week of orientation (classes, computer training, etc.) and 8 weeks of precepting for a med/surg tele floor. 6-8 weeks is pretty average for a new grad.
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    Usually 6-12 weeks.
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    I no longer work at this hospital because I didn't want the risk of losing my license. I have been told I neede to report them to the state board?!?
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    What hospital?
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    On that note, I got less than 7 weeks training and my manager was kicking me out on my own without even telling me I had a new schedule. I was promised 8, I am sure I could have if I really felt I needed it, but I just went with it I couldn't have made that much more of a difference. Ugh, management.
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    I think 8-12 weeks is average for orientation, but it also depends on the person. Some require a little longer and some are ready to fly on their own with less that 8 weeks. The most important thing is to communicate with your preceptor and gauge your readiness level. Don't be afraid to ask if you feel you need more time.

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