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Melissa ICU RN has 2 years experience.

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  1. Melissa ICU RN

    How long did it take you to land your first job?

    Graduated last summer and had a job offer before taking NCLEX.
  2. Melissa ICU RN

    Dr office vs. hospital for first job

    I think starting in a hospital is going to open more doors for you long term. Good luck on your decision!
  3. Melissa ICU RN

    New Grad, where to start career?

    Both options will have their pros and cons but I would personally grab the ICU position not only because I might be a little biased :) but because you will learn so many more skills that will benefit you down the road. It also depends on your future nursing ambitions. If you plan on continuing education, ICU will get you great experience. Psych would be good because I see psych pts every day BUT I've also seen psych nurses that start in psych right out of school and in 1-2 years have lost all of their skills. So, weigh your options and decide what will fit best with you and your future goals. Good luck!
  4. Melissa ICU RN

    Anyone working two nursing jobs?

    I do have 2 nursing jobs. One is FT weekend days in ICU and the other is prn in outpatient surgery. On average I work about 50 hours/week and that is plenty! I went a couple months where I was working 60 + hrs/week and it nearly killed me. I was always tired and had no desire to do anything but sleep. To me it wasn't worth it. Also, I didn't feel that I was providing as safe of care as I wanted to because I was so tired. I think doing 2 jobs is okay, just be smart about it and don't push yourself too hard!
  5. Melissa ICU RN

    Theme song to your Nursing career?

    "I Love It" by Icona Pop. It just has that catchy beat and we often find ourselves dancing around the unit :)
  6. I am in Indiana and finished with my BSN last July and did an accelerated program. All of my classmates and myself were hired with 1 month of passing boards. Some of us even before we passed, and none of us had any medical experience because we were not allowed to work during the accelerated program. My school has a great reputation in my area, which probably helped. But, overall I do think it is very common for new grads to get hired. We have to start somewhere!
  7. Melissa ICU RN

    length of orientation

    I think 8-12 weeks is average for orientation, but it also depends on the person. Some require a little longer and some are ready to fly on their own with less that 8 weeks. The most important thing is to communicate with your preceptor and gauge your readiness level. Don't be afraid to ask if you feel you need more time.
  8. Melissa ICU RN

    I want to cry! still can't find a nursing job...

    Can you network with any of your former classmates or former nursing instructors? Also, try turning in applications in person to the hiring manager of the unit you are applying to. Be persistent...follow up with calls and e-mails after applying. I don't know what the nursing market looks like in your area, but I also finished nursing school last August and landed an ICU job right away and have another prn job. Maybe you are just in an unfortunate area for hiring new nurses I wish you the best of luck!
  9. Melissa ICU RN

    Cardiac monitoring

    I used the following website when I started my capstone in ICU and also as a new ICU nurse. There is great info on many critical care topics. Hope it helps you as much as it helped me! http://www.icufaqs.org/
  10. Melissa ICU RN

    Military Nursing Questions Answered

    I am a recent BSN grad applying for Navy nursing. I have applied for the officer candidate program twice while in school but I did an accelerated BSN program and the time was off both times and I couldn't get in. So, now that I'm done I'm trying again. I also have the desire to become a CRNA. What have you found about DUINS? I'm starting nursing a little later in life (I'm 31) and don't really want to wait forever to be able to get the chance to get into a CRNA school. I just started a civilian job in an ICU step-down unit since I couldn't land an ICU job as a new grad. Thought that would be a good option to set me up for ICU either with or without the Navy. I would appreciate any info you want to provide. Thanks!!
  11. Melissa ICU RN

    took NCLEX yesterday

    Thank you both! And I did pay the $7.95 today as soon as it came up and I DID PASS!!!! I'm so excited
  12. Melissa ICU RN

    Failed NCLEX

    Congrats on Passing!!! Did you use the pearson vue trick to find out since you just took it today? I tried the trick at it says I passed too (took it yesterday). I'm just freaking out!
  13. Melissa ICU RN

    took NCLEX yesterday

    I took NCLEX yesterday (Monday August 20) and the anticipation of my results is killing me! I was reading about the pearson vue trick and was interested, so I tried it and it told me that I can't reschedule at this time and to contact administration or whatever. Most of the stuff about this trick was from a few years ago...does anybody know if it still works? I'm in Indiana and can get quick results tomorrow, but that is still so far away!!!!