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Hi. I am very interested in the accelerated ASN program at Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge. Can anyone give me any information on this program? I've seen the information that is available... Read More

  1. by   nolamommy
    Cathy, I just finished my app for 2011 as well. I am currently taking Eng 2377, Bible as Lit, at UNO. I know several people who have taken an online course through LSU. I don't think it was the theology class, but a Bible as Lit class as well. Also, at DCC the transfer class is Eng 253 Bible as Lit...
  2. by   CathyMcD
    Thanks I will look into those. I tried talking to the admissions office about this and where I could take a course and they were not real helpful so I appreciate the responses.
  3. by   nolamommy
    no problem! if you have questions about what classes transfer etc, you should speak with (moderator edit of name - please convey this information privately) at the tulane office. she has all of the information about what classes transfer...
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  5. by   CathyMcD
    Bundi356 can you tell me me what online class you are taking for the Religion 101 requirement? Thanks for the replies and I am looking locally but so far no luck - the only class I found is during the day and I work fulltime so can only do online or night classes. Hate to think this one class might keep me out (assuming I get accepted!)
  6. by   bundi356
    The class at Ivy Tech is titled PHIL22000F - Philosophy of Religion
  7. by   CathyMcD
    Got lucky and found a correspondence course from LSU that OLOL will accept in place of the religion class they offer. I have finished my app but I still need Micro which I am taking this fall - they said that is fine but I wonder how many actually get accepted that still have prereqs to do. Oh, well I will keep plugging along and get them done and if I don't get in Jan I will apply for the ones in the Spring.

    Also I asked admissions about the 6 hours at OLOL required and they said that was only for the traditional and would not apply to those in the accelerated - hope this info is right!!
  8. by   metabolicfrolic
    Quote from nolamommy
    I was told that I don't need to take the TEAS until I am accepted, is this correct??
    Can anyone speak to this? I have applied to both the BR General School of Nursing and OLOL's accelerated program, and the General requires the TEAS-V as part of the application process. Does OLOL have you take it after you've been accepted?
  9. by   CathyMcD
    The accelerated at OLOL does not require TEAS as part of the application process although they do for their regular ADN program. I kept getting notices from them about not having my TEAS scores and after multiple conversations they finally got it that I was only applying for the accelerated and they assured me TEAS scores are not required for the application but if accepted we will have to take it to give them a better idea of our level of knowledge. I have not heard any more from them so assume my application for accelerated is in process of review. Sure hope they don't take forever letting us know something. Hope this helps.
  10. by   ail24
    Hi, Im new to the nursing scene, I am now a CNA and will be graduating in the Spring of 2011 w/ a bachelor's in business. I am considering the ASN program at OLOL (new orleans) and Delgado, with these horror stories I just trhrew out that Accelerated program, I have no kids but I work 2 jobs and I cannot just stop working. Can somebody tell me a little bit about the delgado ASN program, will I be an RN before or after the program at charity? at OLOL, for the 2 yr program, what are the classe schedules like? will I be able to work? how much wok could I possibly fit in?....I seriously need some advice
  11. by   MatthewDuhon
    For anyone who has already completed this program. Do you have weekend clinicals for the Mental Health class?
  12. by   curiousKayPee
    Hello everyone, I really hope we can keep these posts or threads up. I'm interested in beginning OLOL accelerated RN prog September 2011. Like many here, I have questions also, some has been answered from reading this, but still have more. I understand it will difficult, I'm willing to sacrafice for 10 months, is it possible to work during this program, like maybe picking up some PRN shifts here and there? I also saw mention of the signing a contract with a hospital and they pay for your tuition, do most students do it that way or can you be on a payment plan? When you graduate will have an associate or a BSN, I saw on the site their changing to the BSN program?
  13. by   IwannaBeNP

    For those who have applied for the Spring 2011 Accelerated program for Tulane (N.O) location: Have you recieved anything yet? Do you know anything? Thanks!