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Hi! I noticed that there were a few people around the forums that were going to apply to Charity for spring of 2014. I was wondering if Charity would accept a HESI score that I took for LSU? LSU was my first choice and now it's... Read More

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    Thanks! I'm going to go over there. My profile score is a 70-75. I hope that is enough. So did you take the critical thinking portion?

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    I looked at both of my score sheets and neither one of them display critical's not even factored in to the composite score, so I think you will be fine.
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    Thank you for checking!!! Hopefully I'll see you this Spring
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    I applied for Spring 14 and this is my first time applying "I AM SO STRESSED." I have not added up my profile score I'm not quite sure how to do it. I am completing A&P lecture and lab this Fall.
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    I dropped my application off last week. My only worries are if they accept my old credits or not. My english and maths are 12 years old, so that's a question mark there. My profile score is either 75 or 80 depending on what my gpa worked out to. I think it's 75. They told me we'd hear something in the first two weeks of October. I live in Harvey. I'm also applying to LSU for Spring as well, but I want to go to Charity!!
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    you should be fine with your English and mathematics credits. The only class that has a time limit on it is A&P 2, it has to be taken within the last 5 years. They are a lot of West Bank people on this group I pray that we get in.October seem so far away I am so nervous.
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    to add up your profile score its pretty simple but first we have to have the form what the guidelines you can find the form on the charity School of Nursing website.once you are on the web site go to prospective student and then go to admission requirements and then academic student review sheet I believe. I hope that this is helpful good luck.
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    I also applied for Spring 2014. I'm from Slidell. Good luck to everyone!
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    All are are in now, good luck! Everybody post when the letters start rolling in!
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    Good luck everyone! I am very nervous.

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