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Charity January 2009

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    I just scheduled classes the other day and was curious who out there I'd be having classes with. I have pharmacology on Thursdays from 4-7pm and basics in the evenings with clinicals on Wednesday at Ochsner on Jefferson Hwy (unless they change it on us).
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    Hey there!! I am starting in Jan too but I am not in any of your classes. I wanted to let you know though... i have heard some bad stuff about the night professor for pharm. My advisor at Charity even told me not to take her. They have a lot of student complaints. Just a heads up...

    If there is anyone out there in Basics Section 321 (at Touro), lemme know! I would love to start an early study group

    YAY! I am so excited to finally start
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    Thanks, wish I had known that before I scheduled. Hopefully I can try to change sections.
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    Hi, I had Basic's pharm in the daytime, and the teacher was awesome! She records every lecture on Tegrity, so even if you don't have her you can listen to her lectures. Good luck!
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    ok, taking the pm pharm teacher is not that bad- just don't take her tests. at the beginning of the semester, you will have the option to take the day test or the evening test- DO NOT take the evening tests. the day teacher makes the day test and the evening teacher makes the evening tests. day tests are much easier. however, the pm teacher gives homework every week that really helps with the day tests. the homework is long, and a PITA but is worth one test grade, which really helps- you just have to DO IT!
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    The night Pharm teacher is hard, but you will learn your meds. They day Pharm teacher is easier from what I've heard. She puts more dosage calcs on her tests. I didn't mind the night teacher at all, although she does have a bad rep. BTW, she is a NAC II instructor, so if you can get in good with her in Pharm and figure out how she operates, you'll know what to expect if you get her for NAC II.
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    Has anyone found a cpr course yet? I called the city park campus listed in the packet and she said they did not have any classes this month. She gave me tulane's ph number but no one ever answered.
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    call the local hospital's education departments..
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    I had a hard time when I was trying to find one also. I finally was able to find a class at EJ.
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    Quote from nolamomx2
    Has anyone found a cpr course yet? I called the city park campus listed in the packet and she said they did not have any classes this month. She gave me tulane's ph number but no one ever answered.
    Hi, If you send me your email info i will give you. The company i used in Metairie. It was good and offered other things as well such as ACLS and EKG classes
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    hi are you able to send me information on cpr classes also. thanks! btw how much did the class cost?
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    I'm taking CPR at the Tulane Life Support center. CPR classes are $45, cheaper than American Heart Association. They have a class on Jan 7th from 5-9p and Jan 14th from 5-9p.

    Call 504-988-2212
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    Be careful !! I'm about 99.9% sure CSN requires "American Heart" CPR certification !! Check with the school.....