Beware OLOL Accelerated ASN

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    This may burst the bubble of people who are considering OLOL College Accelerated Nursing Program but it is crazy hard and if you don't get through that pharm with an 80 (also the semester is 20 days long) they will boot you out without a backward glance and a month later you will get a bill for $2000. Not to mention that now you have a nursing failure on your record, if you want to go somewhere else. 75% of the class that started originally was put out. Not nice.

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    I'm not sure how to respond to this post being I'm in the OLOL Accelerated ASN program and 75% of the class did pass Pharm back in October. A passing score of 80% is not uncommon from what I understand after looking at what other nursing schools' passing scores are. Yes we have lost a number of students in the program. We started with a little less than 40 in October and as of this tuesday when we started Med Surg II we're down to 25.

    I will agree that the program is hard and you have to put a lot of time and energy into studying, but I believe that's true for most of us in nursing school. Its accelerated though, its designed to be on a different level than the traditional program at OLOL, that's why its so difficult.
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    F.Y.I. Most schools have gone to a higher standard on math/pharm skills.
    Charity has a math test for each level and you must make a 90 on all of them. A little scary at first... but it sets a higher standard and forces everyone to study harder.
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    I have posted several times about how important it is for those considering this program to study Pharm BEFORE the class starts, especially if (like me) they have never had an reason to need to know about Pharmaceuticals. Learn as much as you can; not so much the drugs but the classes and what they do. Learn about NSAIDS and antidepressantsand learn about CNS drugs, and cardio and renal drugs. Get a book on Nursing Pharmacology and/or join where we inputted all the classes of drugs this fall. (search for OLOL and they should come up). Study, study, study. You are going to be in deep trouble if you flunk out of Pharm, and the class is designed to get rid of those who do not understand the gravity of the difficulity in this accelerated program.

    We lose smart people, very smart people since you need a BS to get in the program. Watching fellow students leave this program is heartbreaking; not because they were not smart enough but because they what? are not studying enough? don't know how to take a NCLEX type test? Are having personal hardships and the stress is overwhelming? Whatever the reason, know that this program is very difficult especially the first semester.
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    Hi anyone out there who interviewed with east jefferson for sept 2008?
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    Hi KinsleyNOLA.

    Yes, I interviewed last week.
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    I have applied to EJGH for Fall 09. I just noticed you said you interviewed last week (in 08)...Do they really keep you hanging until a month before the program starts before letting you know if you are in or not? Just wondering how those with children are working out arrangements. I have a 6 yr old whom I pretty much have covered w/ care but my 5 month old will be 10 mos in September when the program starts & I'm wondering if I should get on the daycare wait lists now or what... Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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    I am applying to the Jan 2011 program, so this really helps. I have a BA and have no prior knowledge of Pharm so I am going to do my homework before hand (if I get accepted). Any other input is welcome! I am willing to put the work in, but I have never been strong in math. I am not able to PM yet (working on it) but would love to message with someone who has finished the program. Thanks for your kindness..
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    I am also applying for the program in January 2011. I am taking my pre-reqs now. I am wondering about the East Jefferson accelerated program, as well as Tulane's. What are the schedules like?

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