1. Are there CNAs that work in LTAC or since it is so skilled are there only nurses that work in these facilities? Since there are so many sick people on vents extra, do the CNAs have to have special training that they did not get in there normal CNA classes?
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  3. by   Clovery
    I work in an LTAC and we have CNAs. Our other facilities across the country employ them as well. If a CNA is turning a patient on a vent, an RN or respiratory therapist needs to be present in case decannulation occurs. As far as I know, the CNAs do not require any special training. I just went through general hospital orientation and there were two CNAs in my class who had less than a year experience.
  4. by   theantichick
    I work LTAC. The medsurg floor has techs - not sure if they're certified, but I suspect they are. I'm in ICU and we don't have a tech but we have an RRT assigned exclusively to us. We're 5 beds with 2 RN's and there are times I'd really like to have a tech for turns, but we help each other out and make do.
  5. by   ellaballet
    I'm a CNA in a LTACH that specializes in pulmonary rehabilitation. I knew nothing about vents until orientation, they literally taught us how to AMBU and put a patient back on the vent if the tubes pop off and sent us on our Most of it has been on the job training.
  6. by   Esme12
    Trust me they have CNA's....