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So, I am a new grad. NCLEX pending. I have interviewed with these folks and thus far I really like what I hear and see. Patients are complex, most everyone has a PEG, VENT, CVAD. Most have glasgow scores ranging from 3-8.... Read More

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    I currently work at a Kindred in the midwest area. I was hired in 2008. I was a nurse on days (12hr shifts) for 2 years, before being promoted to case manager in 2010 then I worked that for 2yrs. And just 6 months ago, I resigned from that position and took a nursing position for night shifts.

    With that being said, I'll mention the positives and the negatives, but remember this is my experience with one Kindred location.

    Positives: If you are looking for experience, you will definitely get it here. It may be tough for a new grad though. Although, I've only been a nurse since 2007, I had already worked at three different hospitals, trying to find my niche. But I digress....Anywho, experience....Complex wound care including negative pressure therapy, trach to vent pts, paraplegics and quads requiring complete care, TPN, gtubes, pscyh pts who are combative....all in one shift! (no joke this was my assignment just a few hrs ago). Next positive: Opportunities to move up within the company. On day I came to work and I was assigned to the ICU, although I am not ACLS fun! Also, I became a case manager with no experience and almost became the director of the dept. Next positive: For the most part, my co-workers are pretty cool. There is a Kindred family. Next positive: Best hourly rate in my short lived nursing career and OT is plentiful.

    Now the negatives: The equipment is VERY outdated and the buildings are old and in dire need of repair. High nurse to pt ratio. 8 pts max for an RN; 10 pts for an LPN. 1% annual salary increase. No match for the 401k. Expensive health insurance. (but they will give you a bag or umbrella with their logo.) And if you take a different position, you will have the same pay. (hourly pays more than salary. With shift differentials for working weekends, nights and OT.. which is not an option with salary.) POLITICS, POLITICS, POLITICS. And is it really safe to have a nurse working in the ICU who is NOT ACLS certified?

    That's it in a nutshell. I tried to keep it short.
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    Don't discount the interview you have for a "real" new grad internship. As a new grad, I cannot emphasize enough any support you'll get. I've heard some bad stories about our local Kindreds (tough patients, difficult ratios, lack of support or experienced nurses) but I'm in a different area than you.
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    anyone works at the Kindred hospital in Ontario or Brea, CA?
    how are the staffs? working atmosphere, and how is the orientation like for new grad BSN?
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    Anybody working for the Kindred ICU in LA or a Kindred ICU in general? I am a new grad, please PM me because I need 15 posts before I can PM!
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    I work at a Kindred LTAC ICU in Texas. I just finished a 3-month orientation in ICU which was longer than they usually do, but my facility doesn't normally hire new grads to the ICU so they wanted to make sure I had a solid orientation, which I appreciate. From what I've heard, each facility is going to have a different culture based on the local administration.

    The patient population for the ICU are pretty sick - almost all are on vents and tube feedings, a fair share of potent drips, the occasional dialysis patient (dialysis nurses come into our unit), and dynamic patient conditions. Not as acute as a STAC ICU, but definitely sicker than the STAC med-surg units... I would probably place our acuity somewhere around a step-down or tele unit at an STAC. LOTS of experience opportunity. We have 5 beds in our ICU so if we're full one nurse has 2 and one has 3. No PCT, but we do have a dedicated RT. It makes for a really busy day but I don't think it's horrific.

    Out on the floor, I've seen a lot of call-offs due to low census, so I feel very lucky that I'm in ICU where we don't get called off. Lots of OT available because they struggle to stay staffed. The facility I'm at has ratios out on the floor that are about 5-7 per RN/LVN, not sure what the PCT ratio is.

    I'm pretty happy with my facility, and am very glad they gave me a chance for ICU. Nowhere is perfect, but I think I landed in a pretty good spot for a new grad needing experience.

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