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  1. I would like to volunteer as a nurse in Louisville. I have a full time job but would like to get out and help the community with my skills a few times a month. I am an ICU nurse so I would love to branch out and do something different. I am very interested in women's health I looked on line but I didn't find anything.
    Can anybody set me in the right direction.
    Also one day down the line I would like to take a volunteer trip to south America for a week or two. Does anybody know of any good organizations?
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  3. by   BBFRN
    Here are some reputable local resources for you:

    http://www.louisville-redcross.org/N...d=198&srcid=-2 (Louisville Red Cross)

    http://www.kybaptist.org/kbc/welcome...ages/Volunteer (they do local disaster training, and out-of-country mission work.)

    http://www.rmhc.com/volunteer/ (Ronald McDonald House)

    http://arcadiacommunitycenter.org/ (mostly needs mentoring & educational help for schoolchildren)

    http://www.volunteermatch.org/search/opp410563.jsp (Americana Community Center- need family education volunteers for newly placed immigrants) Personally, I think they would love to have someone volunteer, who is interested in Women's health. There are a lot of women from Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, etc. here who need this type of ed. So far, the only specialized health ed they are receiving is for HIV/AIDS.

    These are the organizations I am most familiar with, and can back up 100%. Good luck to you!
  4. by   BBFRN
    Oops- forgot about Americorps...duh: http://www.americorps.gov/about/cont..._offices_id=18
  5. by   S_cure
    Thank you for your websites, I am just now finding time to look. Hopefully I can find something I really enjoy.
    Thanks Again,