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  1. Hi! Is there anyone else here that got accepted into the fall '11 nursing program at Somerset community College?

    Or if you've already been in the program or went though it, I'd love to hear from you as well. It'd be great to know what to expect.
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  3. by   Persephone001
    I did, and I can't wait to start! Everyday in May I was so excited to walk to the mailbox every day to check for THE LETTER...when it finally came I was shaking and couldn't open it, the I just tore it open and almost cried I was so happy! Yea, lol, sounds a little dramatic I guess, but this is going to be a big positive change in my familys life and in my professional life.

    I have been looking around on here to see if there is anyone else who can give some advice on the SCC program but I have'nt found anyone. But I have found a lot of general organization and study advice that should be helpful.

    I can't wait til Aug 8th for the orientation, we should hear a lot then.
  4. by   Autumn_Owl
    Hey there! But hey, the orientation is august 10th! Unless, you are from a different SCC? (kentucky?)
  5. by   Persephone001
    Your right, my bad! When I was typing I didn't bother to get up and check my calendar and the 8th is what popped into my head :spin: .

    Yea I was accepted into the Fall 2011 SCC (Somerset Ky) RN program. So, as a future RN student what do you think of these posting on here? Crazy and scary...the hospital politics, threats to your license around every corner, Obamacare and lack of jobs. I remember when I would see nursing jobs everywhere, sign-on bonuses, paid relocation, etc.

    I am worried but I am hoping the job market will change by the time we graduate in 2013. I am very interested in NICU but we will not be doing a NICU rotation during school and I am hearing it is impossible to get a job in a NICU in Ky because there are so many nursing schools around those hospitals that they hire those nurses first. I am even willing to move if I have to...hear that North Dakota will hire new grads and they have several good NICU's...oh well, I am getting ahead of myself I know but I am one of those people who like to have a game plan.
  6. by   Autumn_Owl
    Oh cool! I'm so glad that at least one person here is going to school with me . Are you ready for classes? I've got just about everything but books and shots ready to go!

    Yeah these postings on here range from scary to wonderful and everything in between!

    I haven't heard that about the NICU rotation. I think we start out with med surg first, but I could be wrong.
  7. by   whitneyrenee
    Hey! I'm in the the Somerset Fall 2011 nursing program too! I am sooo excited to start!
  8. by   Autumn_Owl
    Quote from whitneyrenee
    Hey! I'm in the the Somerset Fall 2011 nursing program too! I am sooo excited to start!

    Awesome! I'm glad to hear there is another I'm very excited to start as well. I've finally gotten all of my 'ducks in a row', so to speak. Just had my TB test read today, and now I've got everything ready. I can hardly wait until we pick up books Monday!

    Are you gals ready to start? I sure am (I'll be the one with the thick, rectangular, dark red glasses)
  9. by   srm25
    Hello everyone,

    I'm really interested in SCC nursing program, I recently graduated EKU with a Bachelor's degree. I'm taking anatomy, microbiology, and physiology. I'm just curious what kind of GPA would you have to have, my isn't outstanding but I do have almost every class in the curriclum completed after my science classes. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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