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No More Loan Forgiveness!!

  1. 0 Ok not to start a panic or anything but has anyone else heard that the Best In Care program that forgives 20% of loans per year for nurses in Ky is apparently running out of funds. I read in the paper yesterday that people taking out loans after June30th probably won't be able to be a part of the loan forgiveness program. I think it will also affect studnets that currently have loans with the student loan people. This includes students pursuing law and education degrees as well. I think it's terrible that legislators would cut the budget for a program like this. Most of the nursing students that I know have loans through the Best In Care Program because they were counting on that loan forgiveness! What do you guys think? Have you heard any updates?
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    I heard the same thing on NPR last night. If I remember correctly, they will be making an official statement on Monday. Teachers are losing their loan forgiveness, too.
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    before i even started to pay back my loan, i was contacted by student loan people to consolidate my loans ( would be $20 cheaper if i did) so i jumped at that opportunity. i contacted them by email last week asking about info on loan forgiveness because i couldn't find any info on the web site. i was told because i consolidated the loans after october 2007, ther is no longer any loan or interest forgiveness. i was not told this when i decided to consolidate. considering that the forgiveness part was the deciding factor for me getting the loans in the first place-------
    this bites!!!!
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    Wow. Ya i think it's terrible. I'd be freaking out about it now if it weren't for prayer.....besides I'm already stressed enough. No point in getting upset over something I can't control. So is it Beshears budget that has caused me to lose my loan forgiveness?