NKU absn fall 2011

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    I just got my acceptance letter and was wondering if anyone here is a current/past student or is also planning to start this fall. I would love to hear about your experience.

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    I received my acceptance last Friday. I'm very excited!
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    Congrats! I can't wait to get started either. Have you had a chance to talk with any current/former students? That is the one thing I haven't been able to do yet.
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    The first time I went to the school I spoke with the many of the students from this year's cohort while they were studying. They were kind enough to answer questions and talk and for about 20 minutes Everyone was great-excited and optimistic.
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    That is good to hear! I had been debating between UC and NKU. I have had such a positive experience with NKU so far and I like that it starts this fall so it is my first choice.
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    I thought the staff and the students were very "real" without unnecessary pretensions. I agree-very welcoming. Looking forward to meeting you.
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    Thanks for the info, now I am even more excited to start this fall. I have one more Chemistry to finish up and I am ready to go. Looking forward to meeting you as well!
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    Helo everyone, I am too excited too, I cannot wait how much energy I have for the program, let us all help each other in our career path, I cannot wait to meet you all.I am starting in the fall I will be more than happy if I know you before so we can keep intouch in advance before the class kick off. please reply
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    Good to hear from you. Classes will start before we know and things will undoubtedly be crazy right away. I can't wait. Are you from the area?
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    I am in the area, Cincinnati east side. I am very anxious to get everything in order and get started! I am trying to enjoy the rest of the summer with my family before things get crazy. I have been researching supplies/gear online in order to get off to a good organized start!

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