LPN to RN near ft. knox? Galen School of nursing??

  1. Well hubby is deploying again and i'm moving back to ohio. I got accepted to an LPN to RN program BUT i wouldnt graduate until 5 months after he returns from deployment so that's going to be more like 20 months seperated from him and our two kids (3yr old and newborn) as well.

    Well they just told him that he has the option of going to FT Knox if he wants after this deployment, so i thought about moving back to ohio just for the deployment, work as an LPN and save the money for school and then find a program to go to in KY near FT. KNOX (i'm willing to drive 45 min one way to school)

    One school i found is actually in cincy, ohio called Galen and they have one in Louisville, KY. I called and she said i could transfer to the KY one when he gets stationed there too. So i checked both BON's and Ohio is on conditional approval because they are so new, and KY - galen school of nursing has full approval. So has anyone here attended either program or is currently attending? What have your experiances been?

    Thanks for the Info!

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  3. by   WildcatFanRN
    I just graduated from there in May. I liked the program personally. They are still working some kinks out of the ADN program, but what school isn't. They are growing rapidly and are feeling the pain of that. A lot of my classmates complained about every little thing, but I enjoyed the program. If you have college credit already, like microbiology, algebra, english, and anatomy and physiology, you will have an easier time especially in 3rd quarter. They have also have now created agreements with Indiana Weslyan and University of Phoenix as well as Grand Canyon University for RN-BSN programs, but thats for later. We heard about the excitement when the Ohio Campus opened up.
  4. by   Brie80
    If you are a self study type of person who will use the classroom just for renforcement I think you will love Galen. If you are already an LPN they will cater to you. IF you need to be tought the material you my have a little trouble. It is a very quick paced program. I went to Galen in Cincinnati. I chose to move to another program that is an LPN then Bridge to ASN. As I felt I wasn't getting the materal presented to me in the maner in which I learn best. There are a few other issues that I had with policys and how they were inforced. I beleive It has the potenial to be a great progam. They are having growing pains though. I just couldn't risk being a part of them working out all the bugs. I wish you pleanty of luck whereever you chose to go. Any program will be intense and fast paced for the most part.
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  5. by   shakeytails
    Elizabethtown is a whole lot closer to Ft. Knox than Galen, and much less expensive IF you can get accepted. http://www.elizabethtown.kctcs.edu/index.cfm

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