Louisville Hospital Scholarship Programs

  1. Hey all,
    I am a second degree student going to EKU. I am looking in to the hospital based financial assistance programs in Louisville. As a returning student, financial assistance is necessary. I was wondering if there were any opinions on which was best.

    Thus far, I have looked in to Norton Healthcare Scholars, Jewish Hospital Education Loan Assistance, and Baptist East Knowledge Program. All look good and offer impressive financial help. However, I have some other questions.

    Which of these hospitals would you think are best, in terms of work environment, opportunities, etc?

    When fulfilling your contract requirements, what is the likelyhood of receiving a position in the specialty you are interested in? I am very enthusiastic about ICU/CCU and would like to know what my chances are of working in this area. Do the hospitals place you were they need you, or do they try to cater to your career goals?

    What is everyone's opinion of life in Louisville? I am from southeastern Kentucky and have spent significant time in Richmond and Lexington, but little time in Louisville.

    Thanks in advance everyone!
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  3. by   BBFRN
    Norton Downtown has the best work environment, ratios, opportunities for professional development, etc. They do take new grads in critical care as well- with a long orientation period.
  4. by   GuitarNurse1981
    Thank you so much for your help.

    I thought Norton looked like the most promising. From the old posts that i read on here, people seemed to have a high opinion of them. I will need to contact them to assure they support EKU's accelerated program.

    Anyone else have an opinion?