1. So I am in Itt tech's nursing program and am set to be the second graduating class to graduate. I have been in another program before and was treated really awful. Not only am i learning a lot but i am also in a very well organized program. The instructors always have time to talk and everyone is happy to help. They will offer to get tutoring and all. My question is why is my experience so much better than the other program i was in?
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  3. by   pecanpies
    I'm not really sure how anyone could answer this question without knowing exactly what made your previous program so bad. Was it disorganized? Did you feel the staff weren't knowledgeable, supportive, or helpful? Was it under funded? Etc. Strangers on the internet aren't going to be able to tell you why ITT Tech is better than this other, unknown program you were in before, I'm afraid. I'm glad your current program is working out for you, though. Good luck to you!
  4. by   organichombre
    While you did not mention more specifics I can hazard a guess as to why your 2nd experience was better. First off you probably knew more about this program by looking deeper into what was offered and how they educate you as an RN. Secondly, youe were more vocal about needing this or that and you obtained better answers. There is a dearth of inefficient nursing schools out there who are on probation, not certified and just down right bad that cater to the lowest common denominator; I need a job, I can borrow money to pay for it, I'm young and inexperienced, etc. Good luck with your career and congratulations!
  5. by   Pepper17
    I am in the 2nd quarter of itt-techs nursing program, have you found another school that will accept your credits...I am looking for an accelorated program that will bypass the bach and give you a bach and masters degree at graduate
  6. by   Kmolss01
    yeah i have. i was looking at some online programs. I think one was kaplan online.
  7. by   jgreen2490
    So how has it been so far at ITT? Im still stuck on where to go!!!!!! Are you finished yet KMOLSS?
  8. by   Kmolss01
    im about half way through and i like it.... it has its issues but its a good program..
  9. by   jgreen2490
    What is the cost for the entire program?
  10. by   NurseCSD
    Because ITT actually cares! I am a student there too and I can't believe how helpful they are and how much they push you to do your best. I'm so glad I came here -- 1 more year to go!
  11. by   jgreen2490
    Do they have night classes for the RN progam? or what are the hours & days u go?
  12. by   NurseCSD
    Classes are always in the mornings or afternoons, no evenings. Right now I have class Monday mornings and all day Thursdays, so 2 days per week.
  13. by   jgreen2490
    That isnt bad. What about weekends? & around how much is it?
  14. by   Kmolss01
    no they dont however you usually go max 3 days a week for 4 hrs a day. when you start clinicals they are one 12 hour day usually