ITT Tech Louisville

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    Im looking to go back to school to get my RN but i dont know where to go. What do you all think of Itt tech?
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    It is sooooo expensive! Like $600 a credit hour! For that much you can go go Standing University and get your BSN. Just saying...
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    Do you have any other suggestions? im not doing jcc. where did you get your lpn at?
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    Just realized my phone autocorrected my above post. It should say Spalding not Standing
    .anyway I got my Lpn at Galen and really enjoyed the program. I had planned to get my RN there but I'm about to run out of Fa money as I have a previous degree. Stay away from Spenserian. If you are willing to cross the bridge, Ivy Tech has a great program. Can I ask why you have ruled out JCC ?
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    My recent experience with JCC wasnt very good they are just very rude & unorganized. So i would just rather not go there. I had went to galen & took the pax exam but didnt pass by one point & had rescheduled to take it again but decided not to go bc ive been hearing there scores had been dropping. Are you going to finish & go on to your RN? What about doing my LPN at brown mackie? Ive heard good things about Ivy tech as well but the bridge is just a problem.
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    I am at ITT tech and i think its pretty good
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    Really. How long is it going to take you do to the RN program? & around how much did it cost?
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    it is very expensive but i really enjoy it the teachers listen to your needs. Plus the schedule is very flexible the program is only an rn program 2 years 3 months
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    Ok thanks! Do you know about their pass rates?
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    Umm its a brand new program so no pass rates yet im in the second class