Galen Students and Other Students & Louisville Residents...........Please Help Me

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I need some help! I am relocating to Louisville for Galen's program. Are there any affordable apartments located near the school or some that are not too far of a drive? I am not familar with the area. I have been looking online at rentals,etc. Louisville is very spread out. When I come up to do my financial aid, I plan to look for a place, but I cannot spend multiple days looking. Please help!

    Thanks very much!

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  3. by   BBFRN
    Hi Gwen- which location do you want- Zorn or Downtown? If Zorn is the location you will be attending, I suggest River Hill Apts.

    They're pretty nice and affordable. I used to rent a townhouse there. They have 2 pools, washer & dryer hook-up, decent appliances, etc. Lots of nursing/medical students living there, because it's so central to the VA hospital, and all the hospitals downtown.
  4. by   MissGwen
    Thank you, BBFRN. I will research that complex. It is difficult when you are not very familar with an area. I have to be careful so I will live somewhere decent.

    I do not know which location I will be attending. I was under the assumption that it would be possible to have classes at either location. I am doing the day LPN program.

    By the way, what is your avatar about? I am wondering what "more cowbell" means.

    Miss G
  5. by   BBFRN
    Re: More Cowbell:

    It's kind of an inside joke thing a few of us here have going. Someone on another (political) website carried it even further, and I found this avatar there.

    Re: Galen- I forgot about them having classes at both locations. If you live in the Zorn area, you'll be pretty close to both locations. Feel free to PM or email me any time, if you have questions about the area. I'd be glad to help!

    Here is Louisville's info website, if you haven't seen it yet:
    Lots of good info there, too.

    Good luck to you! I think you'll love it here.
  6. by   MissGwen
    Thank you, BBFRN. I did some research on that complex and found lots of bad reviews. You never know who is writing those things, though.

    I sure do appreciate your offer to help. You are always helping on this site. So altruistic! It is so nice! I found some useful information last night on or something like that. So, at least now I have I feel like I know more about the neighborhoods.

    This is turning out to be quite a task.


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