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I am registered for the April courses at Galen Louisville and just got news that Galen is not accredited. I had asked this at my meeting with Galen and they said of course they are. Are there different accreditations? I am... Read More

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    Galen College of Nursing is nationally accredited but not regionallly accredited and that has been the confusion about their accreditation status. They are working on their regional accreditation though. As for whether or not you will get hired if you get your RN or LPN from Galen - yes. I have met a good number of RN Galen graduates at the local hospitals who are employed as full time RNs in all departments. Up to date - Spalding University recently signed an agreement with Galen to directly accept Galen RN graduates into their RN-BSN program and accept all their credits from Galen. Once you have your license the only credits that do not transfer from Galen are usually the non-nursing credits, otherwise everything else transfers. Your option is of course to take teh non-nursing classes at a local community college and check with Galen first tomake sure you are taking classes that will transfer in. I am currently in the Rn program at Galen and will go on to get my BSn immediately after I finish. I have enjoyed my time there so far and feel that teh school keeps up to date with the changing pace of healthcare. Hope this helps in the confusion about Galen.

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    I recently found out that one cannot get a job at the VA Medical Center without going to a school that is NLN accredited which stinks imo. I'm a Galen graduated and other than one hospital system in IN haven't had problems with anyone accepting my application.
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    Galen is not accredited but here's the good part for those students coming along. While the VA hospital does not hire Galen students and for now they cannot do clinicals here, the VA is partnering with Galen for the use of their human simulators. As you may know, sometime in the near future (hopefully) the VA will be building a new hospital and when they do they will need new nurses. So the VA is ensuring that they keep close tabs on Galen so they can use their simulators for staff training w/o having to purchase them theirselves!
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    I've heard so many bad reviews about Galen College reguarding their staff, finanical aspect, and education. They said in the reviews and current students Galen admission and directors will seem like they care when you meet for a tour (the first process of entering) and leave hanging on the rest steps of the way. Your credits doesnt switch over.. So you are stuck with your lack of education and lost mainly of your money towards your education. So it is a waste of time. Those reviews were so common and barely a few good ones! That makes me nervous because Education matters!
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    As the above post stated, Galen is a accredited by the KBN now which is a good thing. As for the school itself I cannot vouch and it's too soon to see the product they've produced. Good luck!

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