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excelsior college

  1. 0 Has any nurses in KY attended online courses with Excelsior College? Just wondering if anyone has had trouble getting a job after getting a degree thru them... Any info would be helpful.
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    I received my ASN through Excelsior. It should be noted that it is a distance program- not an online program. As a distance program, the format is that you test out of each course. You do not receive guidance for the courses from an instructor, and you go at your own pace, which means it is difficult but do-able if you are a self-motivated learner.

    That being said, I had no problems getting a job at all. I was already an LPN at a local hospital, and remained there after I got my ASN. I subsequently received my BSN at a local brick-and-mortar school, and am now working on a BSN-PhD at a local university. I have never had any issues in finding jobs or in upgrading my education, because of my receiving the ASN through Excelsior.

    It is also approved by the KY BON. In fact, I received a scholarship through the BON to attend the program.

    Check out the Distance Learning forum for more info- there's a wealth of info regarding Excelsior there. Good luck to you!
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    Can somebody please explain to me the equivalence to the study guides of (NC1-NC8), Essentials I & II, & Transition to professional nursing, with courses like Nursing History, Professional Nursing Concepts, Med-Surg, OB, Peds, Psych.
    I'm looking at the notes/study guides for Study101group & Larends. But I can't seem to match the equilvalence. Can someone please help me understand it.
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    Your best bet is to post this question in the Distance Learning forum, where the current EC students are, Linda.
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    Quote from BBFRN
    Your best bet is to post this question in the Distance Learning forum, where the current EC students are, Linda.

    Thanks BBFRN, just revd feedback from StudyGroup101 & Larends