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    I was granted early admission to EKU's ABSN program because of extenuating circumstances having to do with the military. I'm so excited!!! I hope to hear from any other applicants, current EKU nursing students, or (in the future) Fall 2011 acceptees.

    Current students: any words of advice?

    Applicants: good luck!! :redpinkhe

    Fall 2011 ABSN students: can't wait to meet you!!
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    Hey KYExplorer, congrats on your acceptance to the ABSN program at EKU! I was in the 2009 cohort and survived with only a mild case of PTSD (kidding!). The best advice I can give you is to take things one day at a time and use your clinical time to do as much as you possibly can (including hitting up the techs as they can teach you a bundle too).
    Everyone in my cohort kicked butt on the NCLEX but we are all still trying to get a handle on real nursing. Overall I think I got a great education from EKU, but I had to work for it and I had to do my part (study, do my own research, involve myself at clinical). And I graduated with honors. I may even run into you at clinicals if you happen to be over at UK (which you definitely will be during your last semester- maybe I'll know what I'm doing by then, sort of). Good luck and again, congrats!
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    Thanks, Charlihoo! I really appreciate your words of wisdom! Hopefully I'll see you in a year or two.
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    Hey there!

    I was accepted into the fall 2011 ABSN as well! I was just there the other day because I didn't realize that I didn't need to attend an EKU orientation (would've been nice if someone had put that in the acceptance letter, but whatever) and I'm so excited! I got to meet a few people and everyone seems to really want to be in the field of teaching - which is great. I'm so looking forward to August. I'm so glad that I finally know where my future is headed, at least for now. Can't wait to meet you!!

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    Well, LOL, I'm sorry to say I won't be meeting you. The Army is moving me around again and now I'll be going to school in Texas! But good luck everybody, and you're welcome to use my thread.
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    Well - best of luck in Texas! I'm sad I won't have a friend going in - Ha!
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    I am looking into applying to the EKU ABSN program and was wondering if anyone has gotten in with a 3.0? I'm really nervous about not getting accepted, and do they interview you before they accept you?