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  1. I'm looking for CNA training in Lexington. I'm 37 years old and have spent the last 15 years or so working on computers. I guess that career has gone down the drain so now I'm switching to nursing where I think I was called a long time ago but....well it's a long story.

    What's the opinion of these 10-day express CNA training course schools? I'm just wondering if it really matters where you go for the training express training vs UK/BCTC as long as you can pass the state exam and are willing to actually work when/if you get in someplace.

    I would also love to start networking again with medical professionals (cna, nursing, emt, etc) I used to be a volunteer ambulance driver for a rescue squad back in Harlan.

    Any help/advice would be sincerely appreciated.
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  3. by   stephiec
    Try the Medical Institue of Kentucky. It's in Hamburg. That's where I got my CNA and they are awesome and nice.
  4. by   LuckyinKY
    I think I am going to take mine through BCTC since I am already taking classes there. They do allow you to set up a payment plan for tuition, though I am not sure if it applies to the CNA course as well. They have a variety of class times available to accommodate different schedules. I am a UK employee and get 6 credits a semester paid for, but I am not sure if they will cover the Nurses Aide class or not, so I emailed the benefits office about it.
  5. by   7student7
    I got mine at the Bluegrass Nurse Aide Training Center. The instructors were very good. The instructor said her past 3 classes all had 100% pass rates on the state test. Also, I remember it being $75 or so cheaper than other places.

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