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  1. I have just been accepted to Beckfield in Florence Kentucky. I am to go in and sign papers and such. Does anyone know what this is all about? Am I signing to financially commit to the full two years? I am not finding Beckfield to be accredited. Any input from students past or present on school in general. thanks for your time.
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    I would be very cautious about any school that is not credited. I am also from ky and am attending Madisonville CC. You should look into your local community college most of these are accredited and have close ties with hospitals in their communities so that clinicals are not a problem ( some unaccredited schools may have you find your own place to do clinicals or precepting). These schools are also very inexpensive. Also, U of L and UK and the other Universities in Ky and surrounding areas come to the CC campuses to facilitate transfers, if you are interested in going on for your bachelors or masters.
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    Hi! Also in KY here and attending BCTC in Lexington. I did a little research and it looks like Gateway Community & Tech college has a nursing program at their Edgewood campus which is about 15 mins from Florence. Have you looked into their program at all? I would not recommend attending anywhere that is not NLN accredited. Some colleges claim acceditation but they fail to say it is not by the NLN but some other organization that they basically pay money for and need to do nothing to get accredited by. Also these places are super expensive and to me, the point of being so dishonest and fraudulent they should be shut down.
    I don't know how competitive the program in Edgewood is but if your grades and test scores are decent, I would recommend applying there.
    nln accreditation, school accreditation and state board of nursing approval are three completely different issues.
    unfortunately the general public gets them confused with one another quite often. this leads to misinformation and incorrect statements.
    beckfield college, like many northern kentucky area nursing schools - but not all, is approved by the kbn (kentucky board of nursing). this means that graduates can register for and take the state licensure exam (lpn and rn).
    in order to sit for your nclex exam (lpn or rn) the kbn requires that the school you graduated from be approved by them - they are the body that administers the nclex testing for lpn & rn licensure in kentucky.
    the nln accreditation has nothing to do with your ability to take the nclex exam.
    as a school, nursing aside, beckfield college (again like many northern kentucky area colleges - but not all) is accredited by the acis - the accrediting council for independent colleges and schools. because the school is accredited financial aid is available to those who qualify.

    so for clarification:

    beckfield college florence kentucky campus offers lpn, rn and rn to bsn programs.
    the tri-county ohio beckfield college does not offer any of these programs at this time.
    beckfield college florence kentucky campus is accredited by the acis
    beckfield college florence kentucky campus nursing programs are approved by the kbn
    beckfield college florence kentucky campus is a member of the national league of nursing accreditation commission nln-ac and is currently in the process of becoming accredited by them.

    i hope this helps to clear up some of the confusion. good luck!


    Beckfield College Tri-County, Ohio Campus is now offering the 15 month LPN Program (approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing).
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    Did you end up starting at Beckfield? How do you like it?