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  1. I am applying for the Fall 2012 RN program at the Lawrenceburg campus. Is there anyone on here who attends this school? I was hoping I could get some information... anything is helpful.
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  3. by   NurseCard
    No, but I live in Lawrenceburg, if I can be of any help in that regard. Sorry I'm not of more help.
  4. by   Fiat40
    I go to that campus. I'm applying for Fall 2012 there, too.
  5. by   Ash13
    Ok, that's great. Keep in touch... if either of us hear anything maybe we could let each other know. Have you applied yet?
  6. by   Fiat40
    I just turned my packet in yesterday and I am trying not to worry about it! It is a bit nerve racking! The competition is so high, it is crazy!
  7. by   Ash13
    I know! I turned my packet in Monday. I think the competition is ridiculous. I think my chances are okay because I scored well on my ACT and NLN. But, I went to another college years ago and dropped out resulting in a low GPA. I have a good GPA at bctc now though. I filled out a GPA recalculation form but I am nervous that they haven't gotten it. Do you know anything about how to find out if they have recieved the form? I checked mybin... it shows they recieved the packet but, it says nothing about the recalc. form.
    Maybe I worry too much...
  8. by   Fiat40
    I filled out a GPA recalc as well, but I am not sure how to check it. I filled mine out a while ago.

    My NLN score was borderline, and I just hope my GPA gets me in, but I guess whatever will be will be!

    I guess we shouldn't worry now, we just have to wait and see and hope for the best!

    I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you this fall, Ash. Keep in touch here and let me know when you find out anything!!
  9. by   Ash13
    Good luck to you as well! I will keep in touch.
  10. by   Fiat40
    well, down to the last week, I hope we hear something soon!
  11. by   LEAFjr
    I'm transferring from EKU to BCTC this coming Fall 2013. I was in the BSN foundation classes at Eastern and HATED it! I live in Danville and am hoping to take the Nurse Aid class next fall at BCTC Danville Campus and then apply to the ADN program in Lawrenceberg.

    Question--does your ACT score matter when applying to BCTC's ADN program? I've been out of high school three years and would hate to have to re-take the ACT--I had enough trouble with it three years ago when I scored a 19! Also, is the NLN PAX-RN difficult? I plan on buying the book and CD-ROM to study for it. My GPA at EKU was 2.87 (but that was just because of the BSN classes, my pre-req and gen ed grades were good.) Hopefully the program isn't as competitive as EKU's programs.

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